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    PowerPC and POWER have the same instruction, lwm (for load word multiple), but it interestingly only does the range variant—likely due to having twice the number of registers, but the same word size, meaning enumeration wasn’t viable.

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      It’s also usually slower than just a whole bunch of lwzs specified manually. Ditto for stmw vs stw: I only use the multiple word variant when space is at a premium, which is to say almost never. Even in the 601 days the speed difference was warned about.

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          I unfortunately don’t know SPARC. I’d guess it does, though: if I recall, SPARC uses a similar register window design to the AMD29000, which basically uses a sliding register file for the stack. The AMD29000 made good use of this through LOADM/STOREM instructions that allowed spilling basically arbitrary amounts of RAM into/out of the register file. I’d be surprised if SPARC didn’t have a similar feature, but, again, I’ve never written a single line of SPARC assembly.