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      This is wonderful, I’m blown away.

      Even from a roleplaying perspective, this is a hilarious playthrough: they picked a tourist character who started hallucinating (to have easier access to a RNG reroll) - before that, they ran into a bunch of walls, so it’s basically a extremely drugged person in a hawaii shirt stumbling through the dungeon, oneshotting a bunch of monsters and taking the powerful amulet.

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      They built a rainbow table for the RNG, that’s a ridiculous and wonderful approach to botting Nethack. I appreciated that they wrote up the desynch issues - I’m blanking on references at the moment, but I’ve seen a number of postmortems of multiplayer games talk about crashing on the rocks of desynchs as one platform calls random() an extra time or unexpectedly branches on a machine-specific quirk. They’re hard to fix even when you are the game developer; doing so as an outsider with only the ability to change your client is a feat.

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