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A few stories often have some bonus text submitted that helps explain why a story is interesting, when I may pass it by passed on the title alone. I like this, and think it works better than attempting to edit titles to be interesting. The problem is that this text isn’t visible on the front page, and I have to click comments on each story to check for it. At that point, well, I may as well just click the link itself.

Is there a way to fit this text onto the front page? (or a short version, if somebody writes too much)


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      Just adding I’ve seen this on a few message boards, and I love it. The mouseover provides the first paragraph (up to [x] characters), which is usually enough to figure out if you want to venture further in.

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      Agreed that there is frequently useful content there, but it seems like things would get really messy. Especially on mobile.

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        Maybe just an icon (or a badge!) on mobile?