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      wow … 64Mb!?! I remember upgrading to 12 :)

      Also impressive:

      AMD 5X86 486-clone running at 133mhz

      Similar performance to Pentium 75Mhz

      The AMD 5X86 series were the fastest 486 clones ever made

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      I still remember when computers were making sounds under load and music was stuttering when you tried to do something more demanding at the same time :) Something like that would be a perfect setup to write a book without being distracted I can imagine. Also probably it was far easier for programmers to develop intuition for performance when the machines were an order of magnitude slower.

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        I’ve written on old computers before. In my experience, I ended up either just playing old games or to the point I was reading Windows 98 READMEs instead of writing. IME, you can’t force writing; you’ll write if you feel like it, whether you’re on a modern laptop with chat windows open or your old PS/2 - or you end up in those chat windows or Doom.