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    I have pre-ordered one, and have to say I have mixed feelings about this. Been looking forward to the Librem V for a while now, can’t wait to have an actual linux device to manage my day-to-day activities. I hope I’ll be able to customize its behavior with some ad-hoc hackery like I do with my other devices. I really appreciate their honesty with this announcement, because they evidently realize that shipping to everyone within a few months is not going to happen, and a tiered schedule like this makes it feel more down-to-earth and realistic to me.

    However, it’s pretty clear from the fact that only the Q2 2020 onwards devices are fully CE certified, that Europe is fucked for some more months, and I don’t know how I feel about the fact that what should essentially be the same model, will be delivered in multiple batches each with their own gimmicks. If I take one of the earlier batches I’ll forever be sour that I didn’t have the patience to wait for a better CPU, but if I wait for that one my Oneplus One (~2013?) might actually die before then, and I’ll be forced to buy some shitty intermediate phone.

    All in all, I guess this is positive though. They’ll be delivering, after all. I just hope that there will be enough impatient peers to claim a phone from the earlier batches, so that I will have a spot in the final one.

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      Is there a practical need for whole device certification? Is importing a device with only the radio certified and using it forbidden?

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      Any lobsters planning on putting a Librem 5 in their claws? Would love to hear more about it.

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        I backed it, but I’ve been continually thinking about unbacking it. As much as I want to like what they’re doing, there’s a lot I’ve not been impressed with (e.g. poor release communication, their handling of the librem.one service); I’ve been on the fence. Even after reading this, I have no idea what year my device will ship in. It reads like they’re slipping deadlines again, but don’t want to come out and say that. We’ll see, I guess.

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          Same on both counts. I also had a poor experience with a Librem notebook that I ended up returning; that soured me on their products in general.

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          Ordered mine… looking forward to it.

          I guess I’m way too literal a person. I read licences. I read words and expect them to mean something.

          People have been trained if they see an “I Accept” button, you click it and carry on.

          It causes me mental anguish every damn time.

          I’m just not the sort of person who can blindly do that.

          I loathe “I Accept” buttons.

          I think a lot of people have a mindset “Purism is free software, it should be cheaper and higher spec’d hardware”,

          They forget usually phones are heavily subsidized by the network providers so they can lock you in and load you up with shitware and spyware and strap you down with EULA’s.

          Yes, the privacy part will be a very nice to have. I want that.

          But not nearly as much as I don’t want the lock in and shitware and spyware and EULA’s.

          Not nearly as much as I want to be able to tinker and improve and feed my improvements into the ecosystem.

          Not nearly as much as I want the acceptance and expectation from the people I pay my money to that…

          I AM gROOT!

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            o/ here!

            Backed their crowdfunder back … when? 2017? I plan on redeeming one from one of the later batches, so the review will takes some time still. Until then, my Nexus 5 will do fine.

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              o7 to you who still uses the Nexus 5. I used mine until late 2017 when I picked up a Pixel. I’m on a Pixel 3 now and can’t imagine using a N5 still.

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                I’m still using mine. It, uh… works?

                I mean, it’s a mobile device, so I don’t expect it to be pleasant, but once I got ublock origin installed it became pretty tolerable.

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              I pre-ordered one way back when they had the crowdfund. I find this tiered release rather confusing, TBH. But it’s good that they’re finally starting to ship!

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                I pre-ordered a few months ago. I wasn’t sure I’d use it enough to justify the cost (I seriously doubt it’ll cover everything I want in a daily driver device) but I decided it was worth it, because it’s something I want to see exist, so given I can afford it, I should support it. The Google/Apple mobile duopoly we currently have isn’t a great situation, so more competition (even in a very niche form) is welcome. I’m still sad about the Palm Pre, to be honest!

                However, this shipping announcement really rankled. Another 6-10 months to get a phone with a case that fits? I appreciate that they’re offering to bump people down the list, and I’ll definitely take them up on it if needed, but it feels quite disingenuous to claim “we hit our deadline” with this sort of half-baked rollout. I’m considering asking for a refund and judging the final result before committing to it now.

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                  I was moments away from putting down for one, but then I checked the specs on the modem and backed out. The set of supported LTE bands was spotty enough that I couldn’t see myself using this overseas or even on certain domestic carriers without constantly fighting reception issues.

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                    I preordered one at the beginning of the year and just got an email from Librem with effectively the same information as this blog post, promising more info in a few weeks.

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                    I’m just going to get F(x)tec Pro1 and port PostmarketOS (while the device vendor supports and appreciates that) on it instead.

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                      :O A smartphone with a physical keyboard actually exists?! I’d be willing to run that with PostmarketOS too if the usability of basic features like texting was ok…

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                        It’s not in stores yet, they ship to preordering people around 14th Sep, public release is at 1st Oct.

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                          If all you want is a keyboard there is always an option :) Right now there are the three most recent Blackberry-branded devices (Priv, KeyOne, KeyTwo) all of which run only Android and have very locked bootloaders, and also the Gemini. Upcoming are this one, Pyra, and the Cosmo.