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There used to be a great bot, but it died and never came back. Would love to find a working one! (Am getting a bit tired of reading HN headlines. ^_^)

EDIT: if it helps, source code for the dead bot is here: https://git.fuwafuwa.moe/albino/lobstertoot


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    Alternatively, a currently active rss-to-mastodon bot : Feed2toot

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      Not that I know of, but I’m happy to help if someone needs help setting one up. And I’ve mentioned it in chat, but I’d accept a PR adding Mastodon support similar to the existing Twitter support: a setting for one’s username, a list (if that’s a Mastodon thing), an official bot that @mentions usernames when available.

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        Luckily the dead bot does have a git repo, so maybe some hero could try forking that and setting it up? I’d do it myself, but am already overloaded with work.

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          a list (if that’s a Mastodon thing)

          They are but not in the way the bot would need to do.

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          If the atom feeds here were WebSub-enabled then they could be followed directly without a bot.

          (Mastodon might also require something else, like a Webfinger endpoint, not too hard to add. They don’t exactly believe in following the specs… :P)