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I use this for few years and its quite awesome tool when you don’t feel like CLI.

One great feature is that it can use everything as search engine which makes changes on huge codebases much faster as file searching is instant.

Latest release ads dark theme 🌚.

Automate install of both tools via chocolatey: cinst dngrep everything.

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      Another alternative is grepWin.

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        Its vastly inferior.

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      How would this compare to something like BareGrep? Other then the everything integration.

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        Its vastly inferior.

        This one supports searching Word, PDF and archives which is great as you commonly have all in code repositories. Searches using XPath and phonetics also, and supports multiline. Colors output etc.

        There are bunch of bare grep tools, which don’t add anything more on CLI version (they are basically CLI frontends).

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      I’ve used PowerGREP for twelve years and absolutely love it: https://powergrep.com (US $159).

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        Looks great but I dont really want to support non FOSS tools. I want to be able to use it in any context and with everybody. Thinking about licenses for dev stuff is total breaker for me.