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Focuses on education applications, but a Surface laptop has leaked that is implied to be a Chromebook competitor, which may mean it could be revealed during the event.


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    I got in mid-presentation, but I’ve seen some stuff:

    • Windows 10 stuff I missed.

    • Office 365 applications for education. Teams, OneNote, etc.

    • Games can be useful for teaching computer science, or at least an interest. Minecraft applications in education. Programming inside of Minecraft education edition. JavaScript, Tynker or Scratch can be integrated. Agents are blocks that can run programs. Example applications of all of this are being shown, such as an in-game 3D printer. The girls can do it too!

    • 3D mixed (both augmented/virtual) reality in education. 3D manipulation can improve results in education. Enrollment for women in mathematics and computer science go up when 3D is involved. An application of 3D is shown to teach astronomy, using Paint 3D and PowerPoint 3D to create the example. 3D models can be projected onto the camera, with proper scaling. No specific hardware is needed for the camera - any webcam would work. VR headsets shown for self-guided education. Pearson looking into VR for secondary and university curriculums in a variety of fields. AR applications in education, included student-developed apps.

    • Higher education needs a good device with Windows… a pure Windows device. Panos on stage. SURFACE? Panos delivering his self-hype speech, talking about his engineer dad. It’s not the gestalt, its the passion. Just like, make shit if you own a Surface. Fondle it. Students are creators too. A new Surface for college students? It’s seemingly a laptop, but it’s a Surface one. Push those boundaries! Talk of it being viable for 4 years, from beginning to ending of uni. The video finally starts, and the reveal should start. It’s a neat little video. Stylized manufacturing and guts shots. Variety of colour options, with cloth palm rest, It’s just called Surface Laptop. Comes with Windows 10 S. No screws exposed? Attention to detail in design. Panos now walking up to the audience to show people it. One finger needed to open the hinge. 13.5” PixelSense, (implied pen touch) 3:2 display with small bezels, with 3.4 million pixels, high-contrast, colour calibrated. Thinnest touchscreen LCD on a laptop. Pen works as expected. Videos can be annotated with a pen in Windows 10. Fast wake from sleep. Core i5 or i7 7th gen, PCIe SSD integrated onto the board for battery. 14.5 battery life! Student will love all-day battery life. Sleep battery efficiency. Attempts to balance battery, size, performance, and weight. Direct response to MacBook Airs and Pros - thinner than Air and Pro, though the Air is currently the thickest product in their stack. Battery life is appearantly also more than MacBooks, but battery life claims have been dubious before on Windows laptops. Improved thermal design. I saw a fan, so it may be 15W parts after all. Detailed keyboard manufacturing to ensure lack of defects, 1.5mm travel keys. No speaker grilles, because its under the keyboard. Office, The Surface Dial can be used with the Laptop too, and is context sensitive. Windows 10 S is store apps only, (including Office) but can be upgraded to Pro. More vendors are using the Store. A medical app from the store is demonstrated. Price hasn’t been shown in the stream yet, but I’ve heard it’s going to be 999$. Panos confirms price. Preorders happening now at May 2, and shipping June 15. Base model has 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB SSD. Second hype speech.

    My thoughts? On the laptop, the price is fair, and it seems nice. Needs more specs. I’m very skeptical of the battery claims due to previous Surface and OEM precdecent. It’s better than a MacBook, but not blatantly enough to make it a no-brainer. (Also, no Type C?)

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      It’s amusing how much Microsoft is copying Apple in their craftsmanship video with the Jony Ive-type voiceover and the industrial-design-porn video.

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        I’m very skeptical of the battery claims due to previous Surface and OEM precdecent.

        I think the battery claims only apply if you restrict yourself to using Store apps. If you upgrade to Windows 10 Pro and use Win32 apps, your battery life will be worse.

        Whereas Win32 was designed for 90s desktops, the UWP app model is a lot more like iOS/Android in that it allows for more aggressive sandboxing, power management, suspend/resume, etc.

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          I’m not sure about price. It’s fair for what you get, but it doesn’t seem very good compared to the MacBook Air or XPS 13.