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    I’m upvoting this because I feel it’s my duty as a card carrying turtle graphics and LOGO fan, but I’m wondering what this site / language has to offer over any of the extant turtle graphics libraries for established programming languages, like say the Python turtle module?

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      It’s a community, like Shadertoy – think of it like Lobste.rs for people who are interested in procedurally generated line art. Also, you can sketch in a browser, you don’t have anything to install.

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        Ah the community aspect is cool, thanks for that. I will have to make a point of getting familiar with it then! Turtle graphics had me hooked from when I was a kid. I still miss Atari LOGO for its dynaturtle support. I was creating interactive videogames in the 80s in a super high level language :)

        IMO the squiral is a great example of something that’s trivial to draw with a turtle but decidedly harder without.