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    Yes! What this article is describing is exactly what web developers (myself included) subscribed to for a very long time. It’s upside down in many regards. The author cites backbone, but most of the “new” javascript frameworks would work as well. My current application methodology is an html page that is mapped to an angularjs “controller” that knows how to talk to a web application to get the data it needs for a particular page. For instance, on my dashboard I look at many metrics and a summary of current processing, etc. This is beautiful because you’re writing mostly html in the page, and you just have to write javascript, and the code you write is actually rather succinct, to go get the data for the page. I know that there are other tools out there that are a little less abusive on the DOM, but for my needs angular works fine. This is a far cry from what the applications look like that I wrote just a few years ago.