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    Interesting. 6 years later that’s still a pretty good list. Maybe missing GoLang, today.

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      First release of Go was done in 2009 according to Wikipedia, that explains why he missed it.

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        I meant that, today, GoLang would be added to that list.

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      Great list. Really great list, such diversity (except the inclusion of both PLT Scheme (now Racket) and Clojure). Squeak has been on my list for a while now. Haven’t heard of Io before, will check it out.

      What list would you make today?

      I would keep it the same mostly. Remove Racket and include Go for sure. Maybe swap Scala with Nirmod.

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        it’s a foresighted post but they’ve missed the d programming language. [0] it’s worth checking out as it’s a c / c++ replacement. imagine you are building your application as you wish but with the speed of c or c++. it is used by many system and game developers. it only lacks support for web development as part of stdlib but there’s also a web framework called vibe.d [1]

        there is also a spectacular book on d by ali cehreli. [2] freely available in english [3] and turkish [4].

        [0] http://dlang.org

        [1] http://vibed.org/

        [2] http://ddili.org/AliCehreli_resume.html

        [3] http://ddili.org/ders/d.en/

        [4] http://ddili.org/ders/d/index.html/