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      • thrilled to announce
      • align with our values
      • supported us on our journey
      • What does this mean for you as a LastPass user? Great things!
      • continuing to grow the service
      • thank you to all of our users and supporters
      • open the next chapter of our story

      This is the Official LastPass Death Pool thread. You can pick what day you think the LastPass browser extension will die, whoever is closest wins a 1 year subscription to the competitor of their choice on me. Death is considered to have happened when any of the following happens, and will be interpreted generously:

      • LastPass is removed from the Firefox or Chrome app stores
      • the LastPass extension stops working, or stops syncing because some web service is offline
      • the LastPass web login stops working
      • any of the above due to rebranding (“now we’re the LogMeIn extension!”)
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        August 20th, 2016

        Sadly, I don’t want a competitor subscription, I want an open source, well written alternative I can host on my own server and generate my own keys for.

        I’m getting more and more on board with federated services these days. Then I wouldn’t have these problems when companies sell/die/resurrect/reinvent.

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          Along with what durin42 and ChadSki mentioned, I think pass is the other free software competitor. I’m evaluating these three to pick my replacement - LastPass was one of exactly two pieces of closed-source software I still use and I am grimly unsurprised to get burned again. Oddly enough, though LastPass is super-chirpy on Twitter, they haven’t responded to me.

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            I use pass and like it a lot, but I’m not sure it’s a replacement for LastPass (certainly not without a lot of porting and frontend work). There’s a Firefox extension, but it’s immature, I’m not aware of any Chrome plugin at all, and I don’t know if it’s been comfortably ported to mobile platforms or Windows.

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              Sigh, that sucks, i really wanted to use pass but honestly the cli lastpass has and the extensions and apps are a hard combination to beat.

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          Is there anything wrong with http://keepass.info/ ?

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            I investigated all the options about 18 months ago, keepass was nice in principle but the UX was unworkable in practice. If memory serves the Chrome plugin was either non-existent or didn’t work anywhere near as well as LastPass’s.

            It’s possible this has since changed, and I’d expect an uptick in development due to this announcement.

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              “unworkable”? You can tell it wasn’t designed by hipsters, but it works pretty well. I’ve used it for about 5 years and think it’s great.

              I used to use the FF extension, but I can honestly say that keepass’s “Auto-Login” feature is much less hassle than having to go and install a plugin into every computer’s browser, keeping it up to date, blah, blah.

              Rants about plugins aside, keepass has a nice SSH-key plugin: KeyAgent. I love this plugin and use it+keepass to manage all my SSH keys now too. I actually roll over my SSH keys now because it’s so easy, something I never got into the habit of doing even after 15 years of using SSH.

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            My issue with KeePass at the moment is that I want consistent 2 factor authentication (via Yubikey) everywhere (even on my phone). You can get Yubikey on desktop via a plugin, not sure about phone and browser plugins don’t support it.

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          Sadly, I don’t want a competitor subscription, I want an open source, well written alternative I can host on my own server and generate my own keys for.

          Based on the HN thread, https://passopolis.com/ sounds vaguely promising, but I haven’t done much research yet.

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            That’s just Mitro, which you and I assessed quickly and both found wanting due to having too many moving parts, but that can likely be fixed.

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          Mitro released their source when they shut down, didn’t they?

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        June 1st, 2016.

        Also, this news makes me profoundly sad. I use Yubikey two factor with it and I guess I am now searching for an alternative that support two factor support everywhere (Chrome, App, Android).

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        Already made my switch to 1Password after waking up to that announcement. It’s been a slight adjustment but I’m okay with it.

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        December 25th 2015

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        February, 14, 2016

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        March 25, 2016