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    I use the compiler explorer quite regularly and it is really a brilliant tool. Although for deeper diving I use cargo-asm (or just profile and look at the assembly) for short explorations to answer the question ‘what would rustc/gcc/clang/… compile this to?’, the compiler explorer is really awesome.

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      Thanks! cargo-asm looks really useful.

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      One of my absolute favourite tools, but one that is in desperate need of

      1. a ‘non-web’ version (good TUI candidate),
      2. (the much more difficult) extension that jacks into cmake/whatever-build-system, runs multiple gcc/clang versions side by side and gives “for my chosen function(s)” feedback of assembly, IR, post-macro expansion and SSA forms, with tags on inlining and UB assumptions.
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        Well, the first part’s done already; somebody in a Rust Discord server I hang out in posted it: https://github.com/ethanhs/cce

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        Very cool! I was recently watching a CPPCon talk where the presenter would use this as a scratch pad for demonstrating some code and the assembly it generated.

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          This is great! Are you aware of any desktop tools like that?

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            The constituent compiler/toolchain tools are what’s in use under the covers. gcc/clang/objdump etc.

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            Ok, this is awesome.