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ResistCapitalism is trending on twitter. Both support and mocking of the idea. One prevalent mock is that people should be grateful for capitalism because it gave us the iPhone. I personally believe that most of the tech we see today was incubated in the public sector (Think internet, computers, etc).

However, let us say for the argument that it is true, that if it wasn’t for capitalism, we wouldn’t have the wonderful tech we have today.

A deep saddening thought arrived to me. That just as capitalism is supposedly giving us great technology, global warming that it certainly caused will destroy civilization before everyone can enjoy it.

Just as the fruit is ripened, it spoils.

Am I the only one who thinks the ball has been dropped? Discuss…


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    Global climate change falls in the category of externalities. Heaps of reading to be done there.

    As for the argument that capitalism gave us all this great stuff… that’s not a falsifiable proposition is it?

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      It’s also not even one that most Marxists disagree with. In traditional Marxist historiography (though not all newer Marxists agree with it), capitalism overthrew feudalism and ushered in a new productive era. Among other things, it moved production from craft-guild labor, cottage industry, and feudal estate relationships into large-scale industrialized production, which depends on standardized processes and a mass of interchangeable workers. In that set up, capital plays the driving role, and the majority of workers get less and less leverage, as they have to sell their labor to live, and there’s a drive towards standardizing their labor as much as possible so they’re replaceable. The political hypothesis is that the mass of these “proletarianized” workers will/should eventually rise up to seize the means of production themselves, instead of laboring at the bottom of the pyramid indefinitely. You can agree or disagree with that hypothesis, but it doesn’t require denying that capitalism produces advances in production and technology.

      There seems to be an assumption that people critical of capitalism are all anarcho-primitivists or something. Those people do exist, but I don’t think they’re that common.

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        This is an astute observation. I think Marx would have changed his idea of what is the progression if he knew about global warming. Maybe we are at the end of history as Fukuyama said, but for a much different reason.

        Given the downvotes people don’t like discussing or even entertaining these thoughts. I get it, it’s better to lalalalala

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          Or maybe there are better places to talk about what people on Twitter are talking about.

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            Nobody on twitter is talking about this. I mentioned twitter because seeing that hashtag trend gave me the thought. Maybe I should not reveal how the sausage is made?

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              I guess I don’t know what “this” is. The example that capitalism brought us the iPhone certainly sounds like it came from Twitter. Where else is the idea prevalent?

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                My thought was about capitalism destroying our livelihood (global warming) before humanity can enjoy it’s fruits.

                Twitter is not talking about that. Does that clear it up for you?