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    It’s fun to see gosu’s still around. It was the first lib I used for game development (back when I was 11 or 12 - though I spent most of the time just playing the demos :P).

    We will instantly rule out 3D for several reasons: … Ruby may not be fast enough for 3D games

    Why do people always say this? Sure, for the heavy duty, tight-loop number crunching matrix calculations it maybe isn’t fast enough, but it’s easy to write that part in C and bind to it from Ruby. Gosu’s primarily written in C++ anyway and has some minimal OpenGL bindings out of the box if I remember correctly.

    With most of the boilerplate written in C, you can do a lot of the prototyping/glue code/business logic in Ruby, which is nicer with a dynamic language and a REPL.

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      games :)