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    At some point you decide to do something about all those warnings, so you use a product like Sentry to collect all the errors and warnings.

    Few week pass and you have so many different and impossible to debug errors in Sentry that you just give up keeping up with them.

    A year later your Sentry has collected million of errors and it serves the only porpose of making you sad.

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      My previous employer developed a chat app; in the first few years it was … not very good, and one of (many) reasons for that was the sheer amount of messages they were sending to Sentry. I tried to convince the team to stop doing that since it impacted our rate limits for other apps as well, but it took a long time before they took action.

      At some point they announced they had sent 1 million chat messages. I checked the Sentry usage counts, and they had 4 million events in Sentry.

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        Hah, we just setup LogRocket, I hope this is not our future

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          The best errors are those caused by a user’s browser extension and that have nothing to do with your app at all

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            Amusingly, I think one of the first errors we tried to debug with LogRocket (which is generally an impressive tool) might have been caused by the Grammarly extension… Hopefully that is not an omen :)

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        I very nearly missed the satire tag on this.