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    Ask Lobste.rs: Any videos you particularly liked? If so, why?

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      I really liked “End-to-end encryption: Behind the scenes” – it was quite a well-coordinated performance. :-)

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        “Rusty Runtimes: Building Languages In Rust” by Aditya Siram.

        Aditya implements a klambda-to-Rust compiler in Rust! Very cool. Also exciting because klambda is what powers the Shen lisp language.

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          Here’s one list of recommendations.

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              I talk about metrics and monitoring a bit after the extended pumpkin metaphor, in case you bailed before I got to that.

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            I enjoyed Diocletian, Constantine, Bedouin Sayings, and Network Defense which wrapped an argument about how to approach network security in a metaphor about the defence of the Roman Empire

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              Anyone know if the Papers We Love Conf talks were recorded and if so, when they will be available?

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                They were recorded. Keep an eye on our YouTube channel for the videos within the next couple of weeks.

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                  We should have them out in the next few days, we’re waiting on the captioning to come in. We will publicize on the pwlconf.org and paperswelove.org sites, as well as on Twitter.