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The new Unicode Emoji 11.0 set includes a lobster emoji!

    1. 14

      So who wants to adopt the lobster for lobste.rs?

      1. 6

        why not zoidberg?

      2. 5

        I’m up for donating to a pool for this.

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        Agreed with /u/gerikson, I’m up for a donation pool! Who wants to spearhead it?

        1. 15

          I could put together a pool to try to hit the Silver or Gold level. The link would point back to a note on the about page. There would be no reward for donating besides the warm glow of knowing you’ve helped support an organization that is the source of so much error handling in our code.

          Please take this ad-hoc poll by upvoting the single highest amount you’d donate towards this. Enough support and I’ll put something together. (If you made judicious use of your GPU a few years ago and have cryptocurrency to donate, please select the amount of USD you’d convert it into before sending it because I’m game for a fun lark, not a major project.) (Edit: tweeted)

          1. 59

            10 USD

          2. 17

            1 USD

          3. 9

            50 USD

          4. 4

            100 USD

          5. 1

            This is in progress.

          6. 1

            500 USD

          7. [Comment from banned user removed]