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    If you absolutely have to use reddit, for the love of all that’s good, use old.reddit.com.

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      I also recommend the the old reddit redirect addon: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/old-reddit-redirect/

      IDK if it still happens, but there was a time when you would suddenly be dumped onto the new reddit while browsing old reddit, and this solves that issue.

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        it happens when clicking a link from modmail on mobile. very annoying since I can’t even see how to moderate a post in the new UI; I have to manually edit the URL first and add back the ‘old’.

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          if you phone is anything but iOS i think you can install the addon

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            Thanks, but I don’t use Firefox anymore, nor install it, except for occasional testing.


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              You should probably create an “Ask Lobsters: Why don’t you use Firefox anymore?” thread. Otherwise we’ll just end up hijacking this thread with off topic information.

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                In my opinion, outside of internal technologcal advances, which are many, Firefox has become Google’s lackey, and most of their UI design decisions are led by Chrome. I don’t like what they’re doing with the UI, and I don’t like how there is a shitton of “telemetry”; I am neither skilled enough, nor dedicated enough to disable all of it.

                Also, I think it’s not the best idea to use it from a security standpoint, due to it being in the top 3 most popular browsers.

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                  The same can be said for any flavor of chromium, what are you using where you feel comfortable in the amount of data collection without changing default settings regarding telemetry and error collection?

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                    I’m using qutebrowser, which, out of the box, by default, collects and sends no personal data to anyone.

                    Nor does it even have features to do this.

                    The only “telemetry” is the optional crash report, which I am given the option to send on a crash.

                    I think it is illustrative of the sad state of affairs in the browser world that you expect a browser to send personal data to the developer by default.

                    And let’s not beat around the bush here. “Telemetry” is just a deceptive way of saying “personal data”.

                    Anonymization is bullshit, and all kinds of personal details can be recovered from “anonymized” “telemetry” data sent to Google, Mozilla, Apple, Brave, and whoever else.

                    Also, I don’t think that Ungoogled collects personal data, so what you said is not entirely true.

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                      Fair, I use Firefox mainly because I could not find a browser that could handle my day-today development needs outside of a Chromium branch and Firefox. I have really come to enjoy Firefox containers because I do have several identities that are cookie based and using the containers to divide sessions has worked very well. I’ll take a look at the couple browsers you mentioned. Thanks

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                There are greasemonkey scripts if you’re using a browser that supports using those (I use one with the browser, luakit, I use fulltime)

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                  Thank you for telling me that.

                  My browser does support GreaseMonkey scripts, from what I know.

                  I am not motivated enough to figure out how to install them, nor am I going to try to fix broken websites. I’d rather just avoid them, because I think they are a waste of my time.

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                  there’s also a chrome extention if you’ve heard of that browser

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                    I have heard quite a bit about Chrome, and that’s why it’s not allowed to be installed on my computers.

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                      holding out for edge on linux i see

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                        Yes, I heard through the grapevine Microsoft will be releasing a completely FOSS Edge for Linux with no telemetry any day now.

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                I am always fascinated by these antiquated interfaces, such as youtube’s &disable_polymer=1, m.facebook.com, text.npr.org, lite.cnn.io. They limit spying opportunities greatly and often allow being free of javascript and still have a worthwhile experience. Interestingly, none of these services offer official RSS despite making sites much more scrapable.

                Probably shouldn’t talk about it, cause they start taking them down for reasons mentioned above :).

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                  I always have a suspicion that these kind of “antiquated” interfaces as you call them might actually exist when the developers of the system like to use the system but dislike all the crap that marketing and sales makes them put into the UI. You know, to have a usable system for themselves.

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                    I agree. I think mbasic is kept around because otherwise a significant portion of users would quit Facebook.

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                    I’m surprised there is a m.facebook.com, because Facebook has had a mbasic.facebook.com that’s even more stripped down.

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                      When you have a database, you can build many different interfaces for the same data.

                      For example, have you heard of Facebook API?

                      Also, there’s 0.facebook.com. Facebook pays ISPs in poor areas to provide free access to it.

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                      such as youtube’s &disable_polymer=1,

                      Do you just append this to the URL? It doesn’t seem to change anything on my system.

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                        I think that has been removed now. It used to do something and I even have a Firefox plugin that automatically adds it, since the Polymer version used to work really badly in Firefox.

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                          It sadly seems to be true, a shame.

                          You can try out idiotbox.codemadness.org and invidio.us for unofficial solutions.

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                          I don’t think they’re antiquated, I think accessibility is a modern concept, and they work very hard to keep them accessible.

                          I think mbasic is way more impressive than www.facebook.com.

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                            It is a joke from perspective of the ‘modern’ design. I think they are the most impressive and probs the best solutions for people who care from usable and accessible sites.

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                          I do, and I do.

                          There’s a setting in the global preferences that works almost always, except on unmasked mobile.

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                          Some years ago, I was arguing - on Hacker News, and on the W3C mailing list - against W3C endorsement of a DRM API.

                          I must admit that I’m impressed. Reddit seems to have discovered a use case for DRM that’s worse than those anticipated by myself and others in the anti-EME camp.

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                            Many argued against it, and yet it still passed.

                            Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge, Opera, and Vivaldi all include this DRM code.

                            This is one of the reasons why I don’t use them, except for testing.

                            Another major reason is that their UI is not even stuck in the past, but has actually regressed in usability and accessibility.

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                              I don’t use them

                              Well, that’s quite an expansive list. What do you use instead, then?

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                                I use several browsers day-to-day.

                                For my default browser, which opens when I click a link in IRC, I use Links (GUI), because it’s extremely fast to open and has a relatively small attack surface.

                                From a GUI perspective, I enjoy using SeaMonkey, especially because the traditional layout and feature-set of a browsing suite, including WYSIWIG editor you can open current page in.

                                For most of my research/reading/reddit/lobsters/hn/etc browsing I use qutebrowser, which is by far the best browser I’ve ever used, and I’ve used many. It does have a learning curve, like many powerful tools, and it was worth the effort for me. With most sites, I can do everything without ever touching the mouse, which is important for my hands, arms, wrists, shoulders, and back.

                                I also frequently browse with older classics such as IE3, IE6, Netscape 3, and Opera 3.x. I just find them enjoyable to use, pleasing aesthetically, and my forum works fine with them. I like Mosaic, but I’m still working out a few compatibility issues with that.

                                There are many others I use on a semi-regular basis, just for testing and light browsing. Some of my favorites are NetSurf, OffByOne, Midori, Konqueror, w3m.

                                There are literally hundreds of browsers out there, and they’re all worth trying. And if you don’t fuck up your HTML, most of them work pretty well.

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                            There are browsers for which !("a" == "a"[0]) evaluates to true ? How ? Which ones ?

                            1. 13

                              To answer how:

                              Accessing characters like "a"[0] was only added in ES5, originally you had to use "a".charAt(0).

                              If a browser does not support this way of accessing characters "a"[0] will be interpreted as trying to access a property with the name ‘0’ which does not exist on a string so it will evaluate to undefined.

                              To answer which ones:

                              Mostly older browsers that do not fully support ES5, I think IE took a really long time to support it.

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                                Thanks, I didn’t remember about the bracket access being added in ES5.

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                              There’s a Reddit API out there and it works well. Be courteous to their API, but use it to view Reddit however you’d like. No need to let untrustworthy logic run in a virtual machine (the browser) just to consume what is mostly text. I wrote a Gopher scraper for Reddit, but you can find several apps out there that consume Reddit through their API for you.

                              EDIT: In fact, https://github.com/dickmao/nnreddit is an Emacs/Gnus backend for Reddit.

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                                You seem to be working off the assumption that I only use reddit for reading.

                                I’ve yet to find a decent front-end which supports all of the features I use, including moderation, even though it is exposed in the API.

                                I’m also not interested in going around and trying out a bunch of frontends, which I would have to install on my system, just to use one service, even if it is as big as reddit.

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                                  You seem to be working off the assumption that I only use reddit for reading.

                                  With an OAuth token, you can assume the same privileges as your user.

                                  I’m also not interested in going around and trying out a bunch of frontends, which I would have to install on my system, just to use one service, even if it is as big as reddit.

                                  Sure and that’s your choice. I’m fine with both looking around for frontends or otherwise writing my own frontends for their APIs. I’m just mentioning that at least with an API available, there is recourse against this sort of behavior as opposed to a true silo like Facebook.

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                                    It’s a centrally-controlled API for one centralized service.

                                    Maybe 10-15 years ago, I would have been more motivated to invest any of my time in it.

                                    But now I have the past experience of writing for someone else’s API, which can change anytime.

                                    And now I have seen useful APIs disappear overnight as soon as they become inconvenient to the provider.

                                    I have better things to do now: Investing my time in open, accessible, and un-centralized services.

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                                      I’m not disagreeing. It’s unfortunate that i even have to invest my time here and I really wish there were open alternatives to reddit with traction.

                                      1. 1

                                        I agree. Why do you think there isn’t one yet?

                                        1. 1

                                          Lots of reasons, commercialization of the web being (an important) part of it. I could wax and wane on the topic, but I’m not sure if this forum/comment-thread is that place.

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                                  The Emacs/Gnus backend looks awesome, although it is not clear to me whether it supports moderation features.

                                  If you know someone who would set it up and configure it for me on my machine, please let me know.

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                                    I’ll look into this a bit. You’re right that there’s almost no write-ups in alternate frontends which makes the burden of the user looking for alternatives much larger. Maybe it’s time for those of us with the time/desire to do some of this work and publish out findings for others in blog posts or other forms.

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                                      I think it’s wasted time, honestly.

                                      Why? Because the API is a moving target, and it’s controlled by one big entity with its own agenda, which is increasing advertiser reach so that they can keep growing to keep up with our society’s demand for ceaseless economic growth.

                                      I think it is more likely than not that, not long after I’m done investing hundreds of hours of my precious time into learning the tooling and creating a writeup and the service is more accessible to more people, that the API owner will pull the rug out from under me, and make my writeup useless.

                                      I’ve heard a yogi say once, when you try to fix an existing problem, chances are you only perpetuate it.

                                      I’d rather spend my time working on systems which are free, open, and accessible from the ground up, by design, than try to bolt/graft it onto a service that just doesn’t want it and will undermine my efforts every step of the way.

                                      My website is accessible using clients made more than 25 years ago. Do you know any centralized/closed systems which can claim this?

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                                  If you’re on Android, I recommend Slide. It’s on F-Droid and fully featured.

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                                    Is this blocked by uBlock Origin / Privacy Badger?

                                    1. 1

                                      I don’t see how it can be. If you’re playing the video, you’re running the DRM code.

                                      1. 3

                                        What video? The blog post stated that this behavior was triggered even on pages without audio/video content, because it’s not actually invoking the DRM code - just enumerating DRM providers.

                                        It seems conceivable that uBlock Origin might include this fingerprinting provider in a blocklist, and it seems conceivable that Privacy Badger could learn to block the provider if a) the provider is also using more basic tracking techniques that Privacy Badger recognizes and b) this fingerprinting provider shows up on other sites you visit. I haven’t tested either, though.

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                                          Thanks for pointing that out, I didn’t notice that.