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hey there lobste.rs. i’m wondering if anyone has any good leads/places/slack channels/etc for spots to look for jobs in the social sector in uk/europe? i’m based in australia so it’s a bit hard to work out where these spots might be.

if it helps, keen to know more about jobs in the data/analytics subset, but anything is useful! thanks! :)

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    Can you elaborate a bit more? Social sector + data / analytics is pretty vague. For example:

    • Senority (junior / medior / senior)?
    • Availability (part-time / full-time)?
    • Remote (willing to relocate)?

    More info is insightful to give tips about where to look for a job. Based on the little available info, I’d guess Itility might be something?

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      thanks! sure, definitely: senior, full-time, we’re moving to the UK so remote or local is fine :)