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    Please note this is from April; a lot has happened.

    This week, the networking WG is supposed to be making some posts overviewing the state of play as it is today. We have landed futures in the core library as well as the first implementation of async/await in the compiler. Still more work to do, though!

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      Exciting! What’s the best way to stay up to date on all this?

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        This Week in Rust collects the latest news, upcoming events and a week-by-week account of changes in the Rust language and libraries.

        The Rust Blog is where the Rust team makes announcements about major developments.

        And nearly everything happening in Rust is discussed on the unofficial subreddit, /r/rust.

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          Probably following the network working group newsletter; one should be out this week with a summary of where we’re at with everything, and what is left to be done. I’ll make sure it gets posted to lobste.rs.

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            So what’s the current state regarding implicit vs. explicit execution? Last time I checked there were both explicit executors and poll.

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              I think you’re asking about Tokio; the standard library doesn’t provide an executor. The executor is implicit. You still call tokio::run, but that’s it. See here: https://tokio.rs/blog/2018-03-tokio-runtime/

              poll is still the core of how Futures works. https://doc.rust-lang.org/nightly/std/future/trait.Future.html

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                So future.map(...).filter(...) won’t start executing until it is polled explicitly? I found the documentation to be somewhat silent on that.

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                    Thanks, good to hear.