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Launched the platform about a week ago. Looking for early users and feedback to help improve the service. My goal is to make this a paid service, but there is ( and always will be ) a free plan for developers.

hook.io is a service where you can build “Hooks”, which are HTTP microservices ( think of a Webhook on steroids ).

Interesting features include:

  • Hooks get raw access to HTTP request and response objects
  • Full streaming support
  • There is a social aspect to the site, as Hooks can be shared and forked through Github
  • Hooks are currently written in Node.js and JavaScript
  • Optional schema support for Hook input
  • Auto-generated test forms for Hooks ( based on schema )
  • Full binary data / Unix Pipes support ( see: http://hook.io/curl )
  • Custom Themes for Hooks! ( see: http://hook.io/themes )

The project itself is open-source and located at http://github.com/bigcompany/hook.io I’ve released the majority of the stack already with release of the hook.io project itself coming relatively soon.

Looking for people to try out the site, kick the wheels, and provide feedback.