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    I don’t get the point of rootless.

    It might be more secure and prevent breakage, but that kinda ends up at the point of “we’re too lazy to fix our problems just turn it off”. It could make sure the user isn’t an idiot, but it limits what the user can actually do; if you have root you should be granted everything, no questions asked. The only thing I see coming out of it is cases like this one.

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      Groannn. This makes me feel bad. I just ‘upgraded’ a main work laptop to El Capitan the other day, to get the latest Xcode etc, and although I’d read about the ‘rootless’ stuff, I figured, well, it’s all tradeoffs, right? Traded right off, by the looks of this. And I use git from homebrew, and mostly host my own repos in Gogs, and I mean, Github wouldn’t ever have problems with anything like this, would it? Right? So, OK, but still … Sigh.

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        Friends don’t let friends develop on OS X.