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    Seems like a missed opportunity for this to be written in Python, to be honest, but great nonetheless!

    And given love is standalone, this probably makes a lot more sense anyway…

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      Hey apg, this is written in Python as of yesterday morning. Are you seeing something different? Or maybe you ran across the discussion thread on the LÖVE forums?

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        No. Just my wording is confusing. What I meant is that the obvious language is lua.

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          Got it, I misread as “missed the opportunity to write it in Python” :P

          I might rephrase what you responded with the question, “Why is it written in Python instead of Lua?”, and to answer: I did consider using Lua (and even LÖVE itself) for this CLI, but this is what my decision came down to when making this choice between the two:

          • Python and it’s ecosystem is readily available on most modern operating systems (excluding Windows machines, AFAIK)
          • Lover is meant not only to aid with seasoned LÖVE and Lua game developers who may already have LuaRocks and LÖVE installed, but also complete newbies who likely don’t even have Lua installed and might just be starting out for the first time; to that end, I’d rather use a more widely used/distributed tool (such as Python) with a single command to get started rather than trying to download and install things and then drag-n-drop my project files around just to get a “Hello, World” running
          • I’m quite frankly more experienced with Python and found a lot of Lua-based HTTP/networking libraries all defaulted to relying on LuaRocks to resolve platform-specific behavior (which would’ve added the unneeded LuaRocks dependency)

          That all being said, I’m certainly open to hearing your thoughts around what makes sense, and of course, I welcome any pull requests :)

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            All of these reasons make sense, and they are the reason that I followed up my ambiguous comment with: “this probably makes a lot more sense anyway…” even though I didn’t clarify. Sorry for writing confusing feedback. :)