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      I think it’s kinda neat how there’s a blessing instead of license preamble in the althttpd.c file. Not something I’ve seen before.

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        They do the same thing for the sqlite source code.

        The author disclaims copyright to this source code. In place of a legal notice, here is a blessing:

        • May you do good and not evil.

        • May you find forgiveness for yourself and forgive others.

        • May you share freely, never taking more than you give.

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        Hipp is a Christian. We’re to do everything in the name of and in support for our Lord Jesus Christ, including our work where possible. Also, bless others where possible.

        Looks like he and/or they are doing that in an unusual way. I bet he prays for his users, too. Both on top of the gift of free, high-quality software. Blesses his users a few times over.

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          That’s very cool, and inspiring.

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            It’s available to anyone. After He transformed my life, I put this site to give in minutes the gift He gave. It had His message (the Gospel), an evidence page, and my story. Nobody has said it was boring yet. ;)

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              Nice :-)

              Just FYI, your email link at the bottom is broken.

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                Thank you!

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                  Any time!

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        I’ve traced the lineage of that licensing back to 2001-09-15, which imho makes it more poignant…

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          To me, it’s a reminder what God is working to do good things through people during the darkest times. I especially had to remember that during 2020 since news mostly focuses on the bad things, scaremongering, etc. Also, I stopped watching those news outlets much as possible. That alone will have a dramatic effect on people’s well-being.

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            I’ve stopped using Facebook since last April (except Messenger for friends there). Feels great.

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      “Does not have a configuration file”

      Proceeds to use the entire serve tree as configuration.

      I enjoy having many available httpds for the world. This is a nifty one, with more capabilities than your standard lightweight server.

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      I’m generally an enjoyer of the SQLite ecosystem and it’s always interesting how they come up with their own solutions cause other ones weren’t fitting: CVSTrac, Fossil-SCM, Lemon and apparently Althttpd which all look really neat in my opinion.

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      A tiny pedantic whinge… http://www2.alt.mail.net/ is not being not served by althttpd. It’s not being served by nginx!