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    Welcome to Lobsters! I found about 100rabbits a couple of weeks ago while I was looking for inspiration on simple minimalistic UI controls. I found Project Marabu, Log and by way of that discovered the impressive ecosystem of tools that you’ve developed. I love the own-your-technology from-the-ground-up approach, the simplicity of the UIs and the radically minimal approach to infrastructure (custom simple file-based data formats for the Wiki, etc). Thanks for sharing and keep on the good work (and happy sailing!).

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      Oh wow, thank you so much Sebastian. That means a lot!

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      Hi Devine, I’ve been kind of a fan of the stuff you do for a few years now! I really liked your wiki and the whole system behind it, and I still have a lot of your apps on my old iPhone, Hiversaires and Rafinograde were my favourites. I haven’t checked on what you were up to for a while, but I’m glad to see you’re doing well.

      By the way, does anybody have any pointers on how to set this up with fluidsynth (or something else that doesn’t require messing with JACK) on linux?

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        Hi Steinuil, Let me find you some help :) I’ve seen it working on a couple of linux machines.

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          A friend of mine has recorded a little video for you that shows how to set it up :) https://merveilles.town/@jrc03c/101446020031532858

          I hope this helps

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            Thank you! I’ll try it tomorrow.