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    Note that in addition to the eulogy, this page has a copy of a paper that was previously not on the web:

    The Process File System and Process Model in UNIX System V

    Roger Faulkner, Sun Microsystems; Ron Gomes, AT&T Laboratories

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      Ooops, I’ve been running my mouth telling people /proc is a Plan 9 concept that bled over into Unix.

      Edit (for clarity): not since his passing!

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        A lot of Plan 9 stuff came from the post-7 AT&T additions. (which never got popularity) Both Rio and 8½ were successors of its windowing system in particular.

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          Which windowing system was that?

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            mux - IIRC, you’d see it on Blits.

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              Great video.

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          A lot of people have that impression, I think because the version in Linux is more or less a clone of the Plan 9 /proc, rather than having come via Linux’s Unix heritage (since the branch of Unix that Linux originally cloned didn’t have a /proc). But, yeah, the Plan 9 /proc itself is an adaptation of an earlier Unix concept, just not one that made it into the widespread commercial versions of Unix.