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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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    Sailing club weekend.

    • Working party to help fix our deep water jetty on Saturday, then racing on Sunday. Had some parts arrive for the Supernova (dinghy #2) this week, so will likely fit those on Saturday after the working party.
    • Also need to try and get Oracle Cloud to allow me to sign up an account for the Sailing Club. I think because I’ve got a personal cloud account they’re failing me on having two accounts, but it’s for completely different purposes 🙄
    • Then send live a load of website redirects, spin up a static site in Hugo to power the redirections and put a DNS change live to make it work. (We have an old website with a load of Google Juice to send to the shiny new site.)
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      I have a two-day 101 sailing class booked for the first weekend of June that I’m really excited about. I’ve lived near water for almost 6 years now and barely have taken advantage of it.

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      We moved apartment to a larger place for our ~3 month old son.

      This presents two problems:

      • The nursery is far enough from the kitchen that we can’t hear him when he’s fussing

      • The humidity is too low in the nursery

      I plan to solve these with a Raspberry Pi baby monitor (cam/mic/temp+humid sensor) and a display (Pi Zero, 7inch LCD) in the kitchen. Including SMS alerts based off humidity levels.

      1. 2

        Low humidity in the house is awful. Ours was hitting 25% in winter. Brutal for sinuses at night. I imagine we will have to get someone to look into helping us seal the house better. Good luck!

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          25% wow!

          I’ve been researching humidity, etc., and it turns out I know almost nothing about what causes/resolves it.

      2. 6

        Gonna be working on my IRC bot! I’ve never done this before, but I find it to be an excellent way to learn a language since it includes parsing text and interacting with the IRC protocol.

        1. 5

          A useful resource for the IRC protocol: ircdocs.horse

          1. 4

            I had to implement the IRC protocol for my bot in Ruby a couple months ago because I couldn’t find a single good gem for it (most were from ~2008, abandoned and didn’t support everything I wanted) and it turned out to be very easy. Just remember to respond to PING and maybe send PINGs to the server yourself every 120 seconds or so, and to only send login after the server has sent the MOTD (code 376 or 422), that caused me a lot of headaches!

            Here’s the implementation for my bot if you wanna take a gander.

            1. 3

              I have already gotten those things done already, IRC was a really simple protocol to tackle :) It’s actually been working since yesterday with a few commands. Excited to add more!

          2. 5

            Teaching my cousin programming (Common Lisp) by helping him make a RPG. Teaching my wife programming (also Common Lisp) by helping her make a twin-stick shooter. Working on a structure editor (for Common Lisp) with two other friends.

            I’m also going to try to re-start How to Read a Book again.

            1. 4

              Finally sitting down to learn Rust. I’m planning to go through JT’s intro to Rust videos.

              1. 3

                I’m going clamming tomorrow! I’ve never been before and really kicking myself. Tons of options for clams and oysters all between a 1-3 hour drive. Low tide will be around noon tomorrow so picking a beach and giving it a go.

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                  Fountain pen weekend!

                  • Clean a few fountain pens to switch ink.
                  • Write “the quick brown…” with all fountain pens to ensure they are in good working condition.
                  • admire most of the fountain pen collection one more time.

                  Then, there’s python session teaching a bunch of middle-schoolers’ from the community. We had a break for a few weeks now, and will resume this weekend.

                  Sunday evening would be spent at the gym, novice linear progression of Starting Strength.

                  Other than that, well, just relax and prepare for a new week.

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                    Working on my text editor!

                    I came up with a fun generalisation of vi. Will be interesting to see how it turns out. But first I have to deal with all the boring text buffer abstractions—handling tabs&double-width/combining characters, swapping out regions for very large files, btrees/ropes for fast arbitrary insertion/removal, …

                    It doesn’t actually support any these features yet, but still need to set up the abstractions properly so I won’t have to rewrite everything down the line when I add them.

                    Xi’s documentation has been interesting to read. For my part, I think their structures are little bit overengineered—like, come on, you don’t have to cache screen regions; it’s not the 80s anymore, we have gpus—and I’m not really interested in distributed systems, so the bits about CRDTs aren’t very meaningful; but the parts about abstracting over homomorphisms are interesting, as are the parts about syntax highlighting.

                    But really, all of this is secondary to the core editing model, so I’m hoping I don’t have to think about it too much or spend too much time on it.

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                      Update: Yi (what is it with these names?) seems to have a much more useful discussion of syntax highlighting.

                    2. 2

                      I’ll try to implement Yen’s algorithm in Rust. I am working on a pathfinding application for EvE Online, and people want to have alternative paths, besides shortest routes. Really looking forward to make this work.

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                        I’m adding scoped variables and continue/break to my stack-based concatenative language. Other than that, I’m fixing some text-wrapping bugs in my home-baked IRC client. I’d been struggling with this bug for the past two weeks, but last night the solution came to be as I woke up and it seems like an easy fix.

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                          Reading some of Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs. So far I quite like Scheme, and although the book hasn’t given me much that any introduction to programming might thus far, it looks like it will get more interesting.

                          Also playing the first game with my D&D group for three weeks; it’s normally weekly, and I’m looking forward to carrying on with the campaign.

                          1. 3

                            As soon as I get my hands on a physical copy, I’ll join the road to computer science enlightenment.

                            There’s video lectures online too which you can watch while following the book: https://ocw.mit.edu/courses/electrical-engineering-and-computer-science/6-001-structure-and-interpretation-of-computer-programs-spring-2005/video-lectures/

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                            I may take a stab at adding structural type inference to my side project configuration language compiler. Also plan to go up my mountain and cut some dead trees out for firewood.

                            1. 2

                              I’m setting up backups for my personal machines. This time around, I’m thinking of using rdiff-backup.

                              1. 2

                                I probably will dabble with a scale model of a foldable geodesic dome, or better three neighboring segments of it.

                                If my idea works then I could have an on-demand warm&sunny place next winter. This spring I was sitting in my mom’s greenhouse, outside 4-8°C, inside 20-30°C for the lunch & coffee breaks in the sunshine if the sun was shining. Everybody should have a place like this.

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                                  This sounds fascinating! If you publish anything about it I would most certainly be interested.

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                                    Unfortunately, I found no way to fold a structure with plastic wrap attached to it. And when I studied the local building codes, my enthusiasm has been curbed (“directed by robert b. weide” ;) ) - license free building sizes in Upper Bavaria and domes do not go well together.

                                    So, my personal “sunlight filling station” has materialized as yet another polytunnel, but with eletricity, lights, and WLAN.

                                    Sitting between the two polytunnels of my mum it is very private “look, mom, no tan lines!” ;) , and having side ventilation, it is a really versatile space.

                                2. 2

                                  Going to figure out what kind of Linux setup I want to use on one or two dedicated servers (hosted by OVH’s US subsidiary) for the subset of my company’s infrastructure that we want to run on bare metal. I’m leaning toward NixOS using ZFS, but I’m also considering some kind of immutable host OS running either Nomad or k3s. I’m aiming to get the benefits of immutable infrastructure and declarative configuration as much as possible, while also being able to run several independent things on a single box, ideally without incurring virtualization overhead.

                                  Outside of work, my youngest niece turns 3 tomorrow, so I’ll be spending some time with the family at her birthday party.

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                                    After working from home for 2.5 years, I decided to rent a small office with a good friend of mine who is also a freelancing. Yesterday, we have got the keys to the office, so this weekend we’ll pick up some furniture at Ikea and set things up + set up some cabling to have Ethernet at our desks. I am really looking forward to work there, missing RL social contact when working from home.

                                    Our 7yo daughter is hyped and wants to plan the furniture arrangement ;).

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                                      Probably taking another shot at finishing my OCaml X11 bindings. I managed to get the generator to output some decent type and function declarations for the API, and after taking a good look at it I found some more rough edges that could be fixed, which means more work in the middle-end… So I think I’ll try and see what I can do to fix those and then generate all the encoding/decoding code, and hopefully by the end I’ll have a working X11 bindings library.

                                      I’m also playing through Alien: Isolation, and as a big fan of the first Alien movie and sneaking games like Thief I’m absolutely loving it.

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                                        Ontario is on lockdown, so we’re not doing anything more than going outside. But, going outside is plenty nice!

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                                          Relaxing! Crazy week at work so mostly unwinding. Tinkering with our new DrayTek router a bit perhaps, otherwise nothing :)

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                                            • Playing with the beta firmware that came out for the FM3 (guitar amp/effects modeler)

                                            • Along with that, practicing guitar

                                            • Pushing my Swift app forward

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                                              I am working on my Joy-like programming language Rejoice.

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                                                I’ve made some contributions to projects that don’t yet adhere to the XDG specification, a pet peeve of mine.

                                                I’ve migrated my project bangin to sourcehut, and have become a paid user. I’m doing so principally to limit GitHub’s hegemony but have been pleasantly surprised by a few things including the build system.

                                                I’ve got Element (Matrix client) running locally so that I can potentially contribute to it.

                                                I’ve also got aerc, an email client, running off of a dev build with a few of my own print statements inserted to try and debug an obscure bug that I and someone else have noticed.

                                                I love contributing to open source but I don’t love JavaScript or Go. I’m hoping to find some Haskell projects to contribute towards.