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      I converted from MySQL (before whole MariaDB and fork), and I’ve been happier with every new version. My biggest moment of joy was JSONB and it keeps getting better. Can we please make the connections lighter so that I don’t have to use stuff like pg-bouncer in the middle? I would love to see that in future versions.

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        Connections are lighter in Postgres 14!

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          Do you have more information about it ? I am interested too :)

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            This writeup (not by me) might be of interest: https://pganalyze.com/blog/postgres-14-performance-monitoring

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          I am all ears!

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            One link is in a reply to other comment in a tree, and some other details can be found from links from this blog post https://www.depesz.com/2020/08/25/waiting-for-postgresql-14-improvements-for-handling-large-number-of-connections/

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      PostgreSQL 14 introduces the ability to “bin”, or align, timestamps to a particular interval using the date_bin function

      Exciting news for financial aggregations.

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      It’s too bad PostgreSQL isn’t more popular. All my $employers for the last 10 years have picked MySQL, presumably because it was more well-known, and not because they objectively compared against PostgreSQL.