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    Oh my god.

    This is the exact thing I wanted for years. I bought a Mac specifically because I couldn’t send/receive AirDrop to/from everyone else with a Mac. If this works I’m going back to GNOME on Fedora.

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      Did it work for you?

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        Sadly not as well as I’d like it to. It works, but there are a few rough edges.

        This was the hard part though. I can probably wrap it in a nicer UI and make it more usable myself…

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          Seems like most attempts to reverse engineer Apple protocols are doomed to failure. Either you use and like the black box, or you don’t :)

          The black box I’m most annoyed by is iMessage. I’ve switched away from Mac as my default desktolp platform, and I do dearly miss the ability to chat with my wife on my computer.

          (I’ve tried to get her to switch to Telegram to no avail.)