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    Reminds me of Chernoff faces.

    Some pretty high information bandwidth is achievable when you tap into people’s facial recognition abilities.

    I even heard it claimed once that our ability to read the letters of the alphabet is itself a hijacking/repurposing of our facial recognition systems.

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      Reminded me of robohash (https://robohash.org/), like this fox look more though

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        I remember seeing something like this in the comment sections on old blogs for years - each user got assigned a face that was basically any polygon, then color was applied to it and then cartoony eyes etc were added. Does anyone know what software people used for it? I feel like it might have been a WordPress module…

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          Wavatar, originally developed for Twenty Sided Tale, and yeah, it was released as a wordpress module, but not long after that it was also added into gravatar as one of the kinds of defaults available for users without registered gravatars.

          In the same category as the foxes, there’s also Unicornify which started life as a StackOverflow injoke.

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              Not quite…I was thinking of these things

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            This seems like such a clickbait.

            we made an avatar generator


            An Open Letter to Boring Avatars Everywhere — Meet Foxes

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              /me shrugs.

              I’d call it the difference between a bad headline and a good headline. It’s still pretty clear that it’s about avatar generation, but adds some playfulness.

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              To be quite honest, things like robohash do a better job at being more memorable than this. These are by far cuter, though.

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                Your link 404s FYI.

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                  Well, that’s embarrassing! Too easy to fat-finger punctuation on a phone. Thanks!

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                Is there a github anywhere or is this just a ‘look what we did?’

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                  This reminded me of the Cat Avatar Generator, which is similar but about 1000% cuter.

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                    So their solution to the already distracting images next to people’s names is to make even more distracting images. How about getting rid of avatars altogether? I’m really not convinced they’re worth the mental bandwidth (or the actual bandwidth).