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      These changes look great! Very excited to kick the tires.

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      Next step closer to removing fragmentation in BEAM community about logging. Also step closer to structured logging in Elixir <3

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      Elixir finally learned how to sort dates. Maybe they’ll implement strftime in a few minor versions next.

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        I know you were trying for a chuckle (which rings a bit empty, considering the complexity of the topic), but here you go, it’s scheduled for Elixir 1.11: https://github.com/dashbitco/nimble_strftime

        The discussions that birthed it: https://elixirforum.com/t/proposal-strftime-based-calendar-datetime-formatting/18734/35 and https://elixirforum.com/t/how-to-support-multiple-week-calendars-in-elixir/18783

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          Ah, awesome! From the mailing list discussions back in the day I got the impression that core didn’t care.

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        A tough call - having proper macros and native distributed programming functionality without risk of buffer overflow is a reasonable tradeoff. Let me know when c stdlib supports that.

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          I think you may misunderstand what I’m getting at. That routine exists in many forms in almost all languages, and has amazing utility whenever time is involved.

          Programmers use time more often than they use macros or build distributed systems.