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He went missing last year, and apparently, has returned now.


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    I feel stupid right now. I’ve been using voidlinux for about two years, hassle-free and never noticed the founder’s abscence. I think it’s great to be part of a small community where situations like this do not evolved in big dramas worth of their own soap operas. I’m glad he is back, and I’m also glad the team has made great efforts on keeping things simple with the system.

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      Don’t feel stupid. The core team is still in control, has always been in control, and will continue to be in control. There was no reason for end users to notice any time that someone stops contributing.

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      My heart goes out to xtraeme. Returning from a silent absence can feel very scary, but it is such, such, such a good thing to do: it’s a relief to yourself and the people you return to. Like James Portnoy said (which gave me a lot of comfort when I was in a similar position): Life will always welcome you back. Welcome back ♥