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    What would be a good XMPP provider that supports all the fancy XMPP extentions? Like syncing messages between clients? Are there any reliable paid services?

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      A good start would probably be https://compliance.conversations.im/

      As for reliable paid services I would probably look into https://account.conversations.im/ and some paid mail provider also provide XMPP.

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        I second https://account.conversations.im/ I’m personally not using it (self-hosting) but I’ve got friends that pay for the account and are very happy with the service (always updated, supporting modern extensions etc.).

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          I wrote a little article on installing Prosody with all the currently needed XMPP extensions: https://jfm.carcosa.net/blog/computing/set-up-prosody/. Could be useful to people who want to self-host.

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        Wow this is SUPER exciting! I particularly like that it supports the idea of public channels. I feel like that aspect of IRC has been utterly thrown out in the era of Slack and Discord and I think that’s a long term mistake that will hurt communities.

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          As someone who hadn’t heard of Dino before, I have two small suggestions for this blog post. It says that Dino is “a native desktop application” but doesn’t actually say which operating systems it supports. (The answer is Linux and FreeBSD, with prebuilt binaries available for FreeBSD and for Arch, Debian, Fedora, Gentoo, NixOS, openSUSE, and Ubuntu.) For blog posts that are hoping to reach people new to the project, that would be good information to mention! :-)

          My second gripe is that there isn’t a download link anywhere; you have to go back to the home page and click Downloads, which takes you to what looks like a separate page (although it’s actually just a section on the front page) with very little information. I think it might be worth it to put the list of packages right there, not just to prevent unnecessary clicking around but also so that it’s more readily apparent which OSes/distributions this works on.

          All that said… I use macOS so this isn’t for me right now :-) Anyone have recommendations for an iOS XMPP app though?

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            We currently recommend https://siskin.im/ on https://jmp.chat/ after reviewing quite a few iOS clients.

            That said, if your XMPP use case depends a lot on being notified as soon as people send you messages (as opposed to just looking at your client occasionally for group chat activity or similar), iOS might not be right for you. See the second half of https://mail.jabber.org/pipermail/standards/2020-January/036925.html for details.