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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.

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      I’m at #cccamp23. The Chaos Computer Club’s summer camp.

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        Same here! :)

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          me too!

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      • Writing a lot of documentation.
      • Learning more Terraform and deploying a few small services
      • Working on 2024 plans for the organization


      • Hanging out with my son as much as possible
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      This week I’ve started a new job at Elastic, so I’ll be getting set up, meeting my team, and getting a bit of the lay of the land

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      Writing an IP stack for my 6502 based breadboard computer (based on Ben Eater’s 6502 computer ), and a simple SLIP server so I can get it on the internet.

      This will hopefully be made easier by the pre-emptive multitasking and self EEPROM updating I implemented last week.

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      Continuing the job hunt! Finding myself constantly infuriated by the various application “portals” and forms… The number of times I’ve had to re-type out almost my entire job history because their trash system either can’t scan the PDF or doesn’t even provide the option… It’s slow going, and a bit rough when trying to find work outside your normal network. :<

      On the more fun side of things, my tools to start exploring watchmaking arrive soon. Extreeeemely excited to sink into this.

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      I’m hosting this month’s meetup of Lisp Ireland in Dublin this Thursday: https://www.meetup.com/lisp-ireland/events/295142957/

      I scheduled the livestream of this meetup’s talk here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J53P49SLgew

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        Missed this on meetup! Will try to join the livestream, I’m down on learning more on Lisp!

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      I continue to focus on AccessKit. This week I will spend some time preparing my upcoming RustConf talk. I haven’t yet decided what format to use for the slides, what exactly I should demo (I’ll be giving the talk in person), and how thoroughly I should script my talk in advance. This is almost certainly going to be the largest audience I’ve given a technical talk to, so I want to be careful to do it right.

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      Navigating through the dumpster fire that is Amazon’s RTO policy enforcement and searching for new positions elsewhere.

      Experimenting with PICO-8.

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        Yah, I’m kind of done with driving into an office, and I may need to move out-of-state to a somewhat remote area. So I’ve been (slowly) looking for a remote-only job.

        I haven’t yet bought Baldur’s Gate 3 RPG, because I had not yet gotten around to finishing Larian’s previous Divinity: Original Sin and D:OS 2 games. Because I liked experimenting with different character builds way too much.

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      I finished my auto-brightness zig program yesterday :D. So now it’s about cleaning it up, and needing to account for the backlight brightness when the ambient light is absent (a dark room).

      I’ll probably do a real proper release for this, since it’s actually useful for people. It seems it’ll work on any system that has Video4Linux2 capabilities (which I was surprised isn’t just Linux!).

      It has 1 “external” dependency (as opposed to Video4Linux2 being packaged always with Linux): libyuv. So I’m quite happy with the overall result: a very small binary that does one job really well.

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      • Dealing with some family drama
      • Finishing up paperwork for my new job which I start in 2 weeks!
      • Starting a new marketing push for https://rpgportrait.app

      On that last point, over the past couple of weeks, I’ve made huge improvements in speed and reliability, as well as adding a bunch of new subscriber-only features. As a result I expect that the conversion rate from free sample accounts to paid will go up substantially. Won’t know for sure until I do it, though. :)

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      Something real dumb.

      I need to import a subset of a database into a divergent version of itself (ie. progressively migrate customers to another PostgreSQL database).

      It’s something that should have been solved long ago but it’s not that trivial, it’s “trivial, unless […]”. I have few of those “unless” so it has been going relatively well, the main pain point is having SERIAL/AUTOINCREMENT identifiers. (Fellow devs, please use UUIDs instead.)

      I dump filtered tables recursively through foreign keys, import in bulk keeping track of old and new values for PRIMARY KEYs, and COMMIT.
      That’s the general idea anyway, the PoC is 99% done, I only need to fix one more thing and write lots of tests.

      It still feels like I’m doing something dumb that already exists somewhere with a name I couldn’t duckduckgoogle.

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      Messing around more with my Elixir project. Seems to have become an impromptu side-project, but it’s fun and might maybe actually potentially pay for itself, and also I’ve been wanting a reason to get my hands in the guts of some non-trivial Erlang or Elixir project for years. It’ll probably be mostly done-ish by the end of the month, I hope, and I can go back to Garnet feeling refreshed.

      Work… well, I guess I’ll continue to be vaguely useful by messing around with hardware and software drivers and putting systems together, and let the rest of the team be the ones who fuck around with Docker and C++ code. They seem to be mostly grateful for me for taking on the fun parts of the project, which feels weird. I guess the team is a good mix of talents, then?

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      Coil’s rewrite is getting close to done, i am able to compile & run the new compiler written in new coil, but it takes some hardcoding. Goal for this week is to get new coil written in new coil stable & throw away all old coil code.

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      I am working on finishing building a website (minor rebuild) for a client, contributing to ClassicPress v2.0, and getting ready for a camping trip next week with 2 kids and a pregnant wife (new 10-person tent coming today 😁).

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      First time in Kinshasa for work. Trying to plan ahead for discovering a bit of the life between work agenda but this is going to be complicated.

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      Hacking on Rust, specifically a fullstack WASM app through Leptos.

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      For some reason my responsibilities kept drifting so might need to do something about that. In unrelated news, closing in on finishing the first Baldur’s Gate 3 playthrough and somewhat planning what I will do differently in the replay.

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      I have started learning OCaml and am working through Real World OCaml.
      Does anyone recommend any other tutorials or references?

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        The Functional Approach to Programming with Caml by Guy Cousineau and Michel Mauny is really good.

        However, it is not an OCaml reference, but rather a functional programming textbook that overlaps with TAPL and other textbooks. It is a bit of Caml + PLT.

        Actually, it uses Caml Light, which precedes OCaml. But examples should be quite trivial to translate. See: https://github.com/mauny/the-functional-approach-to-programming/tree/master

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          Thanks for the recommendation! I forked the repo and have started translating the examples.

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      With half the dev team on vacation, project are paused, so I will mostly be doing support task on our almost 20 year old PHP application.

      I’ll probably continue to learn about rust when waiting for support script to restore deleted data and during other little break in the day.

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      Trying to convince some friends to help me build builds.rs, a binary build service for Rust crates (DM me if you are interested in participating!). Releasing and working on cindy. Talking to some companies to try to get hired. Procrastinating on doing my taxes. The usual!