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    I’d like to suggest that Dr Racket be included, at the very least because of its macro stepper and debugging capabilities.

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      I don’t know if it’s been edited, but it’s in there on slide 62.

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        It’s on 64 now, so seems like work is ongoing!

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      I’ve been collecting links to similar projects for some time on Pinboard; if this is your project, we should compare notes

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        This looks really interesting, if you’ve got a link to your pinboard thing that’d be great too.

        I’ve been playing around a bit with the idea of non-texteditor web guis, trying to work out how to get the keyboard bindings right so they don’t become a pain. I got as far as writing up a s-expression editor, with the intention of working up to JSON and eventually Javascript or Python.

        I like the idea of moving away from code as a text file format … there’s a lot of reasons why it’s difficult but I think it’s worth exploring.

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          It’s Jonathan Edwards’ work. I don’t think he has an account on Lobsters.