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    Doom or go home.

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      Doom is already renderable to ASCII. I wonder if this would start in ansi-term within Emacs…

      Update: Turns out that it uses Unity to render this right now, so not terminal output. :/

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      I haven’t been sure how to explain the project – it’s a thing where a bunch of items drop and interact with each other. I’ve been going with “physics simulator toy”, but am open to other ideas. Hopefully it’s interesting enough – it’s been fun to play with, but I wonder how much of that is the joy in playing with something I made.

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        I’ve seen many of these things over the years, often implemented with “graphics.” Probably “sand simulator” is the most widely used name. Though, with anti-matter, this doesn’t quite fit the mold.

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          A number of implementations have gone by the name “Falling Sand Game”, which was the name of a Java version that may have been the “original” of the genre.

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            Yeah, it is less about directly corresponding to reality, and more about adding fun items. It definitely doesn’t make actual sense, like the antimatter you mentioned.