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    Who's hiring? ask job

Who’s hiring developers? Post your company’s job descriptions below.

I haven’t seen a thread like this in a while; I’m personally looking for a job, and thought others might be too. If anyone is hiring, maybe you could share your job description here with a way to contact/apply. I figure the company pool here would likely be of higher quality than over at the orange site… ;)

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      I would like to request that people don’t post “we” as a hyperlink, without saying who “we” is. It’s much easier to read through the various posts that way. Please put the name of the company as the name of the link, or at least right next to it.

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        When I get an email from a recruiter that does not mention the company name it goes into my junk folder.

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          I usually just ask for more detail. 90% of the time they move on, but 10% of the time it elicits useful information.

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      Atlassian is hiring anybody interested in functional programming in Bengaluru. I’ll be available for training in any FP topics you want to learn. Haskell and Scala experience are beneficial but not necessary.

      Senior Full Stack Software Engineer

      Senior Front End Developer

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        Nix and/or NixOS experience is super useful too. We use it to ship all of our team’s software.

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          OT but do you have any thoughts about using Nix in anger?

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            We build Docker images from Nix then deploy them to Atlassian’s internal PaaS.

            The benefits we get:

            • I can build any image we ship to production, byte-for-byte
            • When we change 1 line of code, we’re 100% confident only what we changed will be shipped
            • All of our services use the same build commands

            The problems we have:

            • Documentation is not great, so Nix is hard to teach
            • Very common things like pinning cause lots of questions (e.g. what’s problems are caused by Import From Derivation?)
            • Therefore most team members rely on the few people who have invested the time reading nixpkgs and the Nix source

            I think the problems are mostly solvable and the benefits can’t be obtained from any existing tools.

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              It would be helpful for me to see an example of this (Nix->Docker->PaaS) with an example app, if you’re looking for things to write about on your blog.

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                This shows the Nix and Docker tooling: http://lethalman.blogspot.com/2016/04/cheap-docker-images-with-nix_15.html

                The PaaS part is mostly a docker push to a repo.

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        Indian nationals only?

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          Atlassian will support relocation to offices, including Bengaluru.

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        I am located in bangalore. How can we discuss this further?

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          Sent you a direct message

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      We are, in London: https://haplo.com/jobs

      Especially if you’ve just graduated: https://haplo.com/jobs/new-graduates

      We’re a profitable non-VC funded company, selling research information management software to universities. We’re a values lead company, and think it’s just as important to do the right thing as to get the job done. We’re open sourcing much of what we do, and have built a workplace designed for us to learn together and do our best work.

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      thoughtbot is hiring. We are a software consultancy, still small in the grand scheme of things (~90 folks) with offices in Boston, New York, London, San Francisco, Austin, and Raleigh. Lots of web based projects in Rails, Elm, React, etc. You can view our jobs here or reach out to me directly: edward (a) thoughtbot.com

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        I know that Thoughtbot is typically not open to remote workers - I live in Portland, ME, which is about 2 hours from Boston. I could come in to the office a couple of days per week if I could work remotely the remaining days. Do you know if the culture at Thoughtbot would support that sort of setup?

        I realize you probably can’t speak for the entire company. :)

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          Hey @mosburger 🙂 I believe we’re not looking for remote workers at the moment, sorry. But if you are willing to make the commute I’d absolutely encourage you to apply. Sorry we can’t be more flexible.

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          Greetings from the 207!

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        I’ll vouch for Thoughtbot’s incredible friendliness. Everyone I’ve ever met from there has been a Gem.

        I used to bump into a group of them in SF at a bar nearby there office after a training and I think they always said hi. Pleasant folks and they really care about software.

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      Storj Labs is (job description). We recently hired Ben Golub as CEO, which has been an injection of rocket fuel in terms of upcoming partnerships. We started rebuilding our platform in Go as of April of this year. Tons of interesting work in distributed storage! We’re very remote friendly.

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      We are: I’m co-founder of Ad Hoc. We came out of the HealthCare.gov rescue effort. We saw up close that if we’re going to make government work for people, it needs more folks like us building things in government on behalf of its users. We’re making better government digital services, such as Vets.gov, and we’re still improving HealthCare.gov. We’re remote-first, and we have open positions in engineering, product, user research, and management. Message me if you’re curious.

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      So many SF jobs… really hoping to get out of the bay.

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      We are. Especially interested in devops candidates (aws/terraform/saltstack).

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        Do you have remote positions(US based)?

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          We do have a few remote-only folks, a remote friendly atmosphere, and try our best to maintain a good culture of communication (remote teams and employees keeping us honest).
          On-site is preferred (Eugene/Denver), but for the right candidate remote may be an option.

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      My brother’s startup (Think.Dev) is looking for a mobile developer for iOS to develop the initial frontend for a ~2 month contract, possibly more work afterwards too. It’s an event-based meetup app.

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      We are looking for developers in Groenlo, The Netherlands. Unfortunately, our career site is entirely in Dutch; there are a few job ads on our LinkedIn company page that are in English. Some of our positions allow remote work, but being in Groenlo at the corporate headquarters should not be discounted out of hand; it is a great place to work. Tech stack is highly dependent on the market group, ranges from embedded low-level C through Java up to ruby, clojure and the like.

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      Hi! Pagar.me is hiring! We’re a Payment Service Provider located in Brazil and we’re looking for people in Brazil to work us. We have many different challenges so we’re looking for people with skilsl in one of DevOps, Distributed Systems, Node.js, React, Mobile, etc.

      We also love open source projects. On our Github page you can see projects that are both core to our product and completely open source like our Boleto Microservice and our new Dashboard Ecosystem with a complete React component library.

      Send us an email and let’s work together!

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      I’m looking for software developers on location in Toronto, Canada

      We’re building a system that enables cryptographically secure chain-of-custody on distributed infrastructure without a ledger. We’re using some ideas from the cryptocurrency world, but we’re a traditionally-funded startup with quality investors and paying customers.

      I’d love to hear from developers interested in DevOps work, front-end web and mobile in ClojureScript and React Native, and backend developers who are comfortable with distributed systems. Previous experience with Clojure, cryptography, and security would be an asset.

      Let’s talk over e-mail - my address is in my profile

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        “without a ledger.”

        That part sounds refreshingly different after all the blockchain startups in that space.

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      FOSSA is hiring. We build tools to help enterprises use open source more effectively. The majority of code deployed to production today comes from a third party (often open source), but there are no good tools for doing risk management (e.g. license compliance, vulnerabilities, etc.) for enterprises looking to adopt open source at an industrial scale.

      Our initial offering is license compliance, but our core technical competency is build and component analysis (we’ve released some of our analysis tools as open source here) with applications in security and more.

      We went to market around a year ago and have seen massive adoption with zero marketing, including high-profile customers like Twitter, Docker, Oath (Verizon / Yahoo / Tumblr), Hashicorp, Tesla, the Linux Foundation, and the JS Foundation. If you use modern open source, chances are that you’ve used something that relies on FOSSA (e.g. Webpack, Kubernetes, Docker).

      Personally, I enjoy working here because I’m working on an interesting technical problem, building a sustainable business (early-stage startups with real business models and real revenue are surprisingly hard to find in SF), and working with friendly teammates on a transparent and trusting (psychologically safe) team.

      We’re hiring generalist software engineers, customer success managers, and people ops. SF is ideal, but remote is doable if there’s a good fit.

      Happy to answer questions here, over DM, or addressed to leo@fossa.io.

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      Teraki, Berlin, Python Senior Developer (possibly with Data Engineering e Machine Learning experience). We develop a ML-based compression solution for embedded systems on cars (and in the future for any kind of IoT device).


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      Lastline is looking for network threat analysts and IDS (Suricata, Snort) developers. Most of the team is in London, but remote is an option, particularly for the NTA position. Traditionally we’ve been featuring our sandbox most prominently, as that’s where the expertise of our founders (some of the founders of shellphish) lies. However, we’ve been investing heavily in the network security side, and have been running a few interesting experiments.

      Email me at ggoncalves AT company domain to discuss details or to skip HR.

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      Wikimedia Foundation, the non-profit organization behind Wikipedia (Alexa top 5) as well as all sister projects such as Wiktionary, Wikiquote,.. is hiring Site Reliability Engineers, Application Security Engineers and more. All positions in San Francisco or remote.

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        Just saw that you’re pretty new there, how is it going?

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          Oh, I have seen this comment only now! I’ve been at WMF for 3.5 years now, and still like it. :)

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      nilenso | Engineer | Bangalore, India | http://nilenso.com

      nilenso is an employee-owned software cooperative. We’re looking for people we’d really like to work with.

      We work on problems that are technically deep, large scale, in domains with high impact, and we have an affinity to work with functional languages: Clojure, Elixir, Haskell et.al.

      You can read more about working at nilenso here: https://nilenso.com/careers.html. Write to us (moshimoshi@nilenso.com) if you’re interested.

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      I’m the current lead dev/sysops of a young company in Paris XIXème (profitable, not VC-funded) and we’re looking for people willing to work on Symfony and Vue.js.
      If you know your way around a shell and the devops way of life (AWS, Terraform, Ansible) that’d be great.

      If you want more info (in French).

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      We’re looking for a Full Stack Developer here Southampton, UK (Fair Oak). We’re an agency developing a number of WordPress sites and work with frameworks such as Laravel and Symfony. We’re also expanding into web and mobile app development using Vue and React Native.

      It’s an in-house full-time job, so no remote workers.

      If you want more details feel free to email us directly.

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      For Java / Python we have one. You need to have a passport from one of the member states. 5 years contract. (https://careers.cern/content/member-states) https://jobs.smartrecruiters.com/CERN/743999674157079-software-engineer-be-co-aps-2018-84-ld-

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        I think this is the correct link for member states: https://home.cern/about/member-states

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          Thanks it is now corrected in the job advert.

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      Oddball is hiring a Senior Full Stack Engineer (React, Rails) and a Devops engineer (AWS, Terraform). We work on cool projects like vets.gov and are partnered with AdHoc - the agency that salvaged the original healthcare.gov project. Fully remote, great compensation, US based only.

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        Out of curiosity (I’ve always wanted to ask someone this), what’s the motivation for US-based only?

        I’m an American living in Canada, and it’s a bit of a head-scratcher how often I see this. Having worked remotely for US companies in the past, I have trouble figuring out what it is that the companies adding this disclaimer are worried about.

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          In this particular case the project we’re hiring for is under the umbrella of the US Gov’t, and any contractor/subcontractor is required to be located in the United States. (AFAIK).

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      I’m still looking for a freelance designer to

      • finish some internal work for Koalephant (such as, the design for our site!)
      • be able to send work to/pull onto projects (obviously pending availability)

      Edit: my email is in my profile if anyone wants to get in touch.

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      Managed by Q is hiring engineers and product managers. We’re building software to run, create, and manage office space. We also employ thousands of maintenance and cleaning operators who make a living wage + benefits, since we believe in providing good jobs for people.

      If you’re interested in building a company that believes in sustainable employment and helps small businesses while building interesting tech, get in touch! We have an engineering team of about 20 people in SoHo, NYC. I’m an engineer at the company – email me (eseidohl at our domain) if you have questions or want to talk about MbQ!

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      We are hiring, London based but also remote friendly. Company/Business domain doesn’t necessarily tick all the cool factor boxes but the tech/people make up for that. >90% of back end services are Go, front end React, everything in Kubernetes aided by Teraform. We have a healthy appetite for trying new things, its lots of fun. Can apply via site or email me sramin (a) utilitywarehouse.co.uk if you have questions.

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      We (Amazon Web Service Elastic Filesystem) are!


      Don’t believe the hype. Working for Amazon has been a literal life changer for me. Nothing is ever perfect, and this place is no exception, but there’s plenty of awesome around here and we work at a scale that few can match. The job is full of challenges and it’s a VERY different day to day experience from any company I’ve ever worked, but I love it.

      Most of our work is Java or C/C++ and a bunch of Python on the infrastructure side.

      Feel free to list me (cpatti at amazon dot com) as a referral if you apply, and let me know so I can connect the dots internally :)

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        Hey @feoh! I’ve several times tried to apply for an SRE where I live but NEVER got any answer back. My profile is probably still a bit too young (4years exp), but I’m looking for great environment and teams to learn from. Would you have any idea about the profile matching this kind of job @ Amazon?

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          It depends very much on the job level of the job in question.

          Also I don’t exactly know what “SRE” maps to in Amazon-ese :) My job title is “System Development Engineer” and that’s a good guess, but I’m not sure.

          If it’s a SysDE role, things we look for generally are:

          • Solid coding ability: You need to be able to implement simple algorithms and solve common systems problems in code. In practice this means you should know an actual programming language, not just bash, and be able to demonstrate that with a simple collaborative coding task.

          • System design at scale

          • A functional understanding of networking

          And then there are the less technical areas like our Leadership Principles. Definitely do some thinking on those and how each might apply to various situations in your career.

          As to finding a way in - network! Amazon has a sizable presence on LinkedIn. Reach out and politely ask quesitons of people, and don’t be afraid to be persistent. People are busy and may not get to you right away. Just be respectful of the fact that you’re asking for a leg up and you’ll be surprised at the response you might get.

          Good luck!

          [Note - I’m not speaking for my employer, just giving you my impressions of what we tend to look for in this one particular area.]

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            Thank you so much for this comprehensive answer! That’s super helpful and I’ll definitely give a try!

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        Every once in a while I get poked at by an Amazon recruiter on LinkedIn. Usually, I say it sounds awesome but I’m not willing to relocate, and I never hear back. :P

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          I hear you. It was like that here for a long time too, and then around 5-6 years ago our director pitched a Boston office to the Seattle management chain and it worked. Now we’re booming.

          It’s kind of frustrating how cavalier some recruiters are about locating. My answer usually shuts them up “My wife is a VP at a bank, makes more than me, and has held the same job for 15 years. There is NO way we’re gonna give that up.”

          1. 2

            Recruiters seem to believe, and in the aggregate they’re correct if only because it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy, that anyone who would answer their unsolicited emails can’t afford to be picky.

            1. 2

              I’ve wondered about that. Like, as in, what is their ACTUAL success rate? I get the impression that tech recruiting is one of those fields like real-estate. There WAS mad money to be made for a while so a lot of people got into it. But these days, with the web and with much better networking all around.

              1. 2

                It’s hard to tell. I expect that some of the larger “hiring” websites have some data on it for their own purposes, but for the rest of us, I don’t see any way to find out.

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      I’m hiring two senior system engineers and we’re hiring senior software engineers at NationBuilder.

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      Blackfynn is hiring. We power neuroscience by linking all kinds of data like EEG, fMRI, and pathology data, and organizing that data so that investigators can concentrate on doing science instead of tedious data management. We use Python & Scala, graph databases and Postgres. We work out of our office in Philadelphia. email me with any questions: jim@blackfynn.com

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      PromptWorks is hiring for development, design, and business development roles in Philadelphia and NYC. We’re a small software consultancy, mostly located in Philly.

      Most projects are in Python, Ruby, Elixir, React, and/or React Native.

      All relevant details on our jobs page.

      Top 5 perks our employees love:

      • R&D time to learn new technologies, develop FOSS, community investment, etc.
      • Partially-paid leave of absence, including parental leave
      • Paid travel for speaking at & attending conferences
      • Team-building lunches, happy hours, and outings
      • Bike friendly office (shower and in-office bike parking)
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      Square is hiring. My team is Point of Sale Platform in San Francisco. I’m particularly interested in hearing from Android, iOS and server engineers with experience scaling all aspects of mobile development (including frameworks, features, and builds). We were once a single app, now our codebase and back-end services support closer to 10 different apps, including a ReaderSDK for external developers and apps built on Square’s own Android platform. It’s a great time to join!

      https://squareup.com/careers/jobs?role=Engineering https://medium.com/square-corner-blog/introducing-square-reader-sdk-939a9ec2d197 https://www.wired.com/story/square-register-tablet/

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      Elation Health is hiring.

      We’re a smallish co in SF building EHR (and other) systems for independent primary care physicians.

      We’re hybrid remote/onsite. Most of our remote people are in North American timezones.

      Eng Lead: https://www.elationhealth.com/careers?gh_jid=1172268 (Preferably onsite).

      Eng: https://www.elationhealth.com/careers?gh_jid=714360

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        I inquired a bit earlier (actually last year, as well) would you mind if I PMed you about the engineering position?

        1. 1

          Go ahead! (I’m less than a year there).

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      At Nitro, we’re building the next generation smart documents Cloud platform and we’re hiring a Systems Team Lead / Architect onsite in Dublin, Ireland, with rich experience in developing Cloud infrastructure that scales well. We’re looking for someone who has in depth knowledge about distributed microservice platforms, Linux and AWS, who can act as a mentor for a small team and who enjoys using and developing open source technologies. Our systems infrastructure is built using Golang, Ansible and Terraform and we are running our Cloud on AWS, using Mesos, Sidecar, Docker, Envoy, Nginx and several other open source tools. The core business logic is split up among multiple Scala microservices, so JVM experience is a plus.

      We cover expenses if relocation is needed, but we don’t sponsor visas.

      I am a Sr. Software Engineer in the Systems team, so please reach out to me on mihai.todor@gonitro.com if you are interested.

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      Outschool (YC W16) is the marketplace of small-group online classes for kids, K-12. Our live video chat format makes awesome learning experiences available to kids around the world.

      We are a product-focused team of seven in SF, with experience in education, marketplaces, software, and operating online services at Udemy, Amazon, Airbnb, YC, Square, Google, and several startups. We have an exceptionally sane work culture for our early stage: no egos, boondoggles or fake urgency. We pay attention to our users and prioritize carefully, start simple, run experiments, then iterate.

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      We’re looking for a developer/tester/designer who is speaking in Korean fluent (It doesn’t have to be senior) at Oozou please feel free to give me a heads up if you’re interested.