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    Looks interesting. JavaScript isn’t a particularly great language for this, but I definitely love the general idea. I want/hope to build something like this in Dawn, once it’s a bit further along. Eventually, I want to be able to compile the source code down to FPGA or DSP code, though that’s even farther off.

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      If by “JavaScript isn’t a particularly great language for this” you mean it isn’t sufficiently performant, the author addresses this on the website:

      Under the hood, Elementary is composed of a wide array of highly optimized, native audio processing blocks. On top, Elementary is built on Node.js, a technology proven across multiple domains for high performance applications.

      I take this to mean that the processing blocks are compiled binaries originally written in some other language like C. JavaScript is just used for the API. It’s a pity the Github repo doesn’t include any actual source code, though.

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        No, I assumed the actual DSP code was in C++. I just meant that JavaScript isn’t the best language for writing pure functional code. Too much syntax, and a bit awkward.