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    Hello everyone! I’m the creator and one of the current admins of tilde.institute. If you have any questions, I’ll be able to answer them. :)

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      Love it. Being able to build and test my code on OpenBSD will be handy.

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        Glad to have you join us!

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        I just subscribed (waiting for approval, no rush!). I think it will be similar to SDF.org as an experience? Do you plan to have a gophersphere?

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          ~inst has a gopherhole at gopher://tilde.institute

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            Yes, the experience is similar to SDF, though IRC is more active on tilde.institute. I was a user on SDF for many years before moving to the tildeverse and creating tilde.institute

            Like was said in the other reply, we do run a gopher server :)

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            Kudos! I totally love the whole tilde-verse idea and am a Tildetown user. Thanks for setting this up! I mostly use Linux everywhere and it’d be neat to have a chance to take a look around OpenBSD!

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            It’s a fantastic server for playing around and learning openBSD! I’m working through all the manpages on it.

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              Yay, BCHS!

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                This is a great initiative. I love all this activity that is happening on the tildeverse and around OpenBSD. For those wanting to try other UNIX and UNIX-like operating system there is also http://www.polarhome.com/ which offers kind of everything both in terms of OS and hardware. There are VMS, BSDs, Linux, VAX, Sparc, MIPS, everything.

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                  Great to see more resources to help people learn about OpenBSD.