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    People who use lobsters are entrepreneurs. The intersection of marketing and tech has always interested me. If you’re just getting started and need traffic to your new tech, you might be tempted to try twitter marketing. This post gives you an idea of what your numbers might look like.

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      People who use lobsters are entrepreneurs.

      You’re thinking of barnacl.es.

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        Hey, thanks! I honestly didn’t even know that existed. I really appreciate it when people take the time to explain to me why they’re downvoting. Appreciate your time and comment ❤️

        Update: It’s been posted here https://barnacl.es/s/ywvodu/i_spent_50_on_twitter_ads_so_you_dont_have

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          No problem. It’s important to give good feedback on flags. :)

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            That’s one of the things I really value about lobsters, how civil people are about this kind of thing.