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      Speaking of which, I’m so incredibly frustrated with the removal of Firefox’s RSS viewer. There is literally no replacement extension that works properly, strongly refuting the idea that moving functionality from core to extensions improves quality. I have an installation of Pale Moon that I use for the sole purpose of previewing RSS feeds.

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        Feed Preview works for me pretty well. It more or less mimics the previous built-in functionality (and it knows my feed reader of choice, NewsBlur).

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          Well, it doesn’t render my feed at all, which is perfectly valid RSS…

          On the other hand, my server apparently serves the feed as text/html, which I hadn’t thought of, might not be the best of practices and might even be what is causing the problem.


          1. The Feed Preview extension correctly detects my feed’s presence, giving me a nice button in the address bar to click on. As a user, I am surprised when I click on it and it doesn’t give me a preview. When it’s my own feed, I can do something about it, but that’s not usually the case. Most probably, I’ll just think the extension is buggy.
          2. Whether the fault is the server’s or the extension’s, Firefox’s old viewer rendered it fine, so regardless of “best practice”, it’s a regress in terms of functionality. I’m sure more than one RSS feed is served as text/html.

          But whatever. Maybe this specific problem is my fault. Thanks for the extension tip. The biggest problem, I feel, is that Mozilla can’t guarantee that there is any good RSS viewer for Firefox. It’s a clear regress to let such a useful feature be in the more or less trustworthy hands of the “extension community” – imagine if Firefox stopped supporting something like opening images in a separate tab. I’d argue feed support is similar to that.

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            Mozilla removed it on the basis of their metrics showing few using it. I know as a frequent reader of RSS feeds, I didn’t use Firefox’s built in RSS support, only the previewer. I had missed that, but the extension does the job. (Really, I didn’t use it before, I just copied and pasted site URLs into TT-RSS and it would scrape the meta links for me.)

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        This works on the command line, and there’s a macport for it: https://github.com/newsboat/newsboat shrug I like it

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      I’d just like to point out that you can paste a URL in the Miniflux ‘add feed’ page and it’ll automatically list all the RSS/Atom feeds that are linked with the appropriate metadata for you to pick one; in this case, since there’s only one feed, it’ll just automatically choose that one.

      It’s interesting that flickr’s RSS feed shows scheduled posts, though.

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      oh! So simple but so smart. I’ve added some friends accounts to my RSS reader now.