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    I did not expect the story from the title, but nevertheless enjoyed it. I am also thinking that the Telegram API is not a bad way at all to have interactive cross-platform content/media. It’s nice to see that other people also have that impression. Although I am wondering whether there are any drawbacks to it that I am not seeing. Would love to hear other opinions on this!

    I have used a Telegram bot in the past in order to notify me of experiment results, which was a great way to know when a model has finished training or just generally to have the results at hand instead of extracting them with sftp from the server. Although admittedly this isn’t the most interactive process since it just send me an unsolicited image, but it worked surprisingly well!

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      Very nice! My first real Telegram bot was also a Clojure REPL. Make sure you’re sandboxing incoming commands, though.

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        Thanks for the idea! I just added it to my Telegram bot (Python + evaluates javascript): https://github.com/audy/telegram-bot/blob/bac16baba33af5bc591a0a81fc44de60d0851571/bot.py#L328-L340