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      I tried reading the Python code and it’s full of short symbolic names for commands followed by magic hex numbers. Do any devices like this have documented command protocols? I’d be quite tempted by something like this if I could program it from a microcontroller.

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        I was wondering the same myself.

        It looks as though it’s displaying data loaded into an EEPROM with the 7 colour one used here driven by a UC8159 chip; by looking up the data sheet for that driver chip it should be possible to port inky_uc8159.py to a microcontroller.

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          Pimoroni and / or Adafruit probably already have a version that works with CircuitPython on a meaty microcontroller such as an RP2040 … aha, looks like there are both Python and C++ drivers in https://github.com/pimoroni/pimoroni-pico