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    I am the author of this bc. You’re welcome to ask me questions.

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      Why is the dc that’s part of the FreeBSD base system tagged ‘linux’?

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        I am the author of this bc.

        Technically, this bc was written on Linux and is most tested on Linux.

        When my FreeBSD contact found it, he found that it was easy to port it to FreeBSD. In fact, I don’t think he had to do anything. Then he was the one that pushed it to become the system bc and dc in FreeBSD, not me (although I am grateful for it).

        In other words, this bc is not just a FreeBSD bc and dc; it’s a cross-platform bc and dc. It even works on Windows natively! (Though that was recent.)

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          Do you mean this thread’s tag or something related to the project readme?

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            The tags in this submission are linux, math, programming, and unix. I understand why the last three are there but not the first one.

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              Well, most Linux distros are using GNU bc but this implementation is faster (according to the author’s performance measurements). I thought it could be of interest for some distro maintainers to consider this. Also, bc should be included in POSIX compatible OSes but there was no such a tag so I used Linux instead.

              I’ve added freeBSD tag now.