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When I look at ‘Recent’ I do NOT see https://lobste.rs/s/g2tsom/share_nothing_scale_everything

I even went back several pages incase, and it was not present.

However it shows up on the first page when I go to ‘Home’.


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    https://lobste.rs/newest still exists and gives you what you want. I think the intent of “recent” is to be “not-yet-popular”, e.g. “recent” union “home” is approximately “newest”. Whether it succeeds at that I couldn’t say, and whether it’s a desirable intent at all is extremely debatable.

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      Is there a special reason why ‘newest’ is not one of the header links alongside ‘Recent’?

      Are there other list pages that are available which I might not know about as a newbie? Thanks :)

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        Yes, because I want people to look at /recent and upvote things. My rationale was posted here.

        There is no list of other pages yet, though I should make one since I just added support for /top and things like /top/1y.

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          Thanks for the info!

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      I too have been burned by this. If this is a feature, please provide an option to disable it.

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        A per-user option to switch between newest and recent seems like a cool thing.