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    Privacy for the high-tech developed world is dead. What we have now is a zombie: any attention will deconstruct the spell and it’ll fall apart. The future is unevenly distributed, and you can slow it down by not acquiring an Alexa and smartdevices through the house; that will, eventually, not be an available option. Anyway, the implication is that if you would keep your thoughts secret, keep them in your head, unspoken, unwritten.

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      I worry about the inevitable “you can’t get car insurance unless you attach this gps dashcam to your car”. I’m sure there will be similar problems with “let us track your TV viewing/temperature/electricity/internet usage for a percentage off”.

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        In my country insurance providers are already offering discounts if you let them install their telemetry device :(

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          And then a decade later, “The biggest cause of accidents is people texting and driving. Install this rootkit on your phone if you want insurance.”

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        Reminds me of pleaserobme.com, exploiting people’s habit to overshare (from obvious things like Foursquare’s checkouts to more obscure ones like geotagging informations in photos from public services like Twitter) to show where people lived and when they were not there.

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          Why would share your house’s internal temperature?