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    Better theming support, with a bundled theme for a more modern look.

    No screenshot? Wine has been rocking the Win95/98 look for a very long time, I wonder what they’ve chnaged.

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      Impressive work on running 32-bit Windows programs on 64-bit unix without needing 32-bit unix libraries installed.

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        Looks like it’s not quite there yet though:

        Once the remaining modules are converted to PE, this will make it possible to run 32-bit applications without installing 32-bit Unix libraries

        but it’s very exciting that this will be possible.

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        You know, Wine runs on FreeBSD too. Linux tag is inappropriate.

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          It also runs on macOS and is used by a lot of companies to port Windows games to Mac. A lot of the development funds come from this: game companies write a Windows game and then pay one of the companies that backs WINE to implement the APIs that their game needs that are currently missing.

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            What about Unix then?

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              How about a not-windows tag?

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                Surely it’s about time Wine was ported to Windows.

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                  WSLW: Windows Subsystem for Linux, Wine edition.

                  Edit: beyond parody https://lobste.rs/s/a697jw

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                    That might improve how some of the win95-xp era video games run on newest releases from Redmond.