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I’ve seen a lot of talent and thoughtful options here and thought it would be nice to compile a list of links to the blogs, or otherwise end points where Lobster users host their ideas/thoughts/rants.

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      Where did all these URLs come from… I started working on the Planet Lobsters stuff to aggregate weblogs of Lobsters users some months ago but I only had like 5 users fill out a URL in their profile and most of those were junk content or links to twitter.com so I gave up.

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        Is it worth having another go at this?

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        Likely its just that most people (like me) didn’t know what you meant by “planet”.

        As a thought, a title that said “Join the official lobste.rs RSS mesh” with a bright “official” tag could have worked better too.

        Anyway, I think its worth another go too.

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      I blog mostly about types and Haskell.

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      Not that I blog enough.

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      Haven’t written anything in a while though.

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      Hello! I’m http://ocharles.org.uk/blog. I post about Haskell, and do a yearly blog series called “24 Days of Hackage”

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      And I need to write more!

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      I don’t blog a lot. I have an article incoming for howistart, a book in progress, Haskell OSS work, my own Haskell libraries and side projects.

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      http://danluu.com/ Hardware, hardware/software co-design, and low-level software nonsense, plus whatever I’ve learned lately.

      I’ve been experimenting with blogging by setting aside 30-90 minutes, writing a post in on sitting, and calling it done. That’s resulted in 5 posts in the past week (as opposed to my usual 1 post per month). I’m super interested in negative/critical feedback since it’s hard for me to tell if I’ve writing stuff that’s substantially less readable by not editing seriously.

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      Mostly FPGA stuff.

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      Mostly DNS and Nginx stuff. Also some non technical topics such as Ansi Art and Teletext.

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      Although note that I also blog about some less-technical things, like management and tech-related politics, from time to time.

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      I blog at https://atlanis.net/blog/

      Not purely technical. I also delve into games, music, and introspection.

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      I’ve got http://cpprocks.com/blog/ for C++ stuff and korban.net for other topics.

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      Blog? Ah that thing I used to have before starting wasting my time in twitter? I used to have one… where I put it? Ah… here it is! (blows the dust) http://gabrielsw.blogspot.com you will find Scala, Java, Haskell, and silly stuff… (beware that I defaced it with adwords, in the hope that in 5 years I will afford a cup of coffee )

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        Makes sense to me….

        Most common response here has been “I don’t write enough…”

        ie. Most blogs are have too little content to be worth visiting.

        I also hate blogs with commenting disabled…. but I understand the pain of moderation.

        Solution? Blog here.

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      I know, really original name. I don’t update as much as I’d like, but I try.

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      Generally I just ramble about about whatever code I’m learning about, writing, or grumpy about.

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      I don’t blog too often, but disturbed-circles.com is the place where it ends up.

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      I used to blog at https://twilio.com/engineering a fair amount as well.

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      Mostly math and Python!

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      I’d love to blog more, but have had a lot of other things happening. Isn’t that always the case for blogs? :-)

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      http://journal.dedasys.com although I don’t write a lot these days. I have a few articles in Erlang in the queue, but need the time to finish them up.

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      Mostly technical, along with some Triathlon write-ups as I complete them.

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      http://pothibo.com - I give tips and tricks on how to build dynamic web application with Ruby On Rails and Javascript.

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      Looks like not updating my blog is the most common lobste.rs hobby ;)

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      I publish my essays at http://www.enotagain.com/

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      Blog and tech links at: http://blog.scriptingsysadmin.com

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      For the moment: http://gabe.svbtle.com/ At least until my super-awesome blogging platform that I planned on writing back in 1999 is up and running… should be any day now (:

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      A mixture of storage, distributed systems, and research.

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      It mostly consists of reprints from my A Drip of JavaScript newsletter. I’m a bit behind on publishing the reprints, so there may be a flood of “new” material this week. :-)

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      http://zduck.com has all of my technical content. Mostly PowerShell and Go, the rest is misc. Eventually I plan to migrate it to my new blog at http://joshua.poehls.me which currently only has non-technical content.

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      Like most people here, I do not blog enough. It’s been two years since the last post, BUT a lot of things have happened the last two years and they are settling down. I moved to using Jekyll and S3 so uploading a new post is a piece of cake while I can edit from the comforts of my favorite text editor (while before I was using Blogspot).

      tl;dr expect more posts in the future


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      http://billiob.net/blog/ Mostly about terminology these days, the terminal emulator I spend some of my spare time on.

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      I blog periodically at http://superloopy.io – but it is an unholy jumble of tech and non-tech stuff. I also sometimes write for my company’s tech blog.

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      http://blogs.teamb.com/craigstuntz Pure specification, security, compilers, math… Usual lobste.rs stuff, I suppose.

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      Mostly open source, web development, ruby, teaching and shoes :) Much like everyone, I should blog more :)

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      Mostly Clojure and whatever else I’m working on.

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      It seems common that people want to write more than they do. I wonder if there is a solution.

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      Mostly erlang web development.

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      http://bhaaratsharma.com/ Ruby, Java, Grails

      I need to blog more often

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      It’s empty atm.

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      I usually blog for money, so I have blogs spread across a lot of sites. This blog is for stuff that didn’t fit in any of the other places for whatever reason (recently the reason has been to avoid controversy).

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      I’d write more, but my job prevents me. (That statement is intentionally ambiguous.)

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      I blog about algorithm and theory related stuff…

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      This one is supposed to be my new one, but only one post. http://jl2.github.io/

      This one has some tech stuff, as well as skiing and biking stuff, but hasn’t been updated in an even longer time :-( http://jlarocco.com/

      Anybody have advice on how to get motivated to blog more? Every once in a while I get excited about it, post one or two things, think to myself how I need to remember to blog more, then forget about it for a long time.

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      I mainly blog about programming and startups, recent focus on distributed teams, Python and Clojure.

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      We should start a web ring!!

      But seriously, I am going to scrape some of these for a “fellow tech blogs” page on mine. It’s not a bad idea considering it’s actually kind of tough to find non commercial tech blogs these days.

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      Haven’t posted in a while, I have something in the pipeline though.

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      Turns out finding time to write about stuff is actually pretty hard! I love how almost every single person on here has the same complaint :)

      I talk about startup engineering issues / personal development / productivity / Haskell and Clojure.

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      I don’t blog at http://cmacr.ae

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      The usual disclaimer about not blogging enough applies, although I have a number of posts in the pipeline. Some practical compiler and database implementation stuff coming up.

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      It also includes our general thoughts on things, although my personal non-technical things got moved away.

      Usually Elasticsearch, some Ruby and similar things :).

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      Mostly random musings about various technical things. I’m attempting to write more, it just ends up getting pushed off for other work.

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      I mainly blog about web dev.

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      Like everyone else here, I need to write more, but at least I’ve written some :)

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      this is mine - http://silky.github.io/

      i guess i’d like to have haskell+quantum computing on there, as well as other bits and pieces.

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      http://blog.corrupted.io. you can use HTTPS if you dont mind a cert error since it is a GH pages backed blog. its mostly about email systems like Exchange and OpenSMTPD.

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      https://marekfoss.org I mostly write server backend how-tos involving Perl, Nginx and Debian, but also thoughts and ideas about various aspects of life, money, technology & the future.