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Questions regarding the efficacy of jamming XKeyScore this way aside, it’s an interesting look at analysing input validation.


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    While the sentiment is understandable, this sort of thing is no longer (sadly) considered to be legitimate civil disobedience, it is more likely to be considered a volation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. Caveat haxxor

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      That seems unlikely. Sending an email to yourself (even with a fake from address) wouldn’t count as unauthorized access.

      This does sound like a good way to have yourself put on the “xkeyscore jammers” list, though.

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        The issue with the the Act has been its liberal interpretation; this could be seen as a DDOS-type “attack” or a deliberate attempt to impede the work of the agency. Either way, my point is that it is the way this law has been applied (the Swartz case is a good example) that is the concern.

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        Isn’t legitimate civil disobedience kind of a contradiction in terms? Intentionally violating an unjust law ( like CFAA ) is kind of the point.

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          Yes, you are right. I was really trying to highlight the absurd penalties in place for this type of hacktivism, relative to actual harms.

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        “Thanks for the bug report. Fixed.”